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Benny Boy does another runner...

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  • Benny Boy does another runner...

    I wonder how this will turn out...

    Cousins missing on streets of LA |
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    they will probably do a sting operation to grab prostitutes and catch him in a car with a big black ugly one hmmm same as Hugh Grant lol


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      I mean really ... who gives a shit ?. Why does a junkie get this much press ?.

      What if it was a ordinary guy off the street who liked to play with little kids ?.

      Would he get off so often ?. Get to fly into LA and enjoy himself why attending part time Fidlers Anonymous ? .

      The press are vulture's ... hungry bastards that ruin anything that is good in society. Shit if only MAD had 1/20th of the press this fuckwit has had, it would be 3x the event.

      At 3300bux a day, i know where he is in LA and what he is doing. Shit if i had that kinda green to roll about, and what he has, id be living it up too.

      This is a mockery of what decent society is about. It says do stupid shit, then walk away to another country, then get a slap on teh wrist cause your a celeb, cause you dont need to take responsibility for your own actions. Great message to society.


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        hate to be the one to burst your bubble saf but thats how society works nowadays.

        sux I admit but values have changed morals eroded


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          He's an idiot.

          Hopefully he ODs and gets a wakeup call. There's no way someone will quit unless they want to, and by the looks of it, he couldn't give a shit...

          Not that i care. I agree with Saf's comments.
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            I'm over this saga. Too much shit happening, not enough consequence for his actions. It's hard to feel a warm fuzzy sense of moral superiority if he keeps getting away with everything.
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              ah what a joke, poor ben, such is life aye mate, if only it was a tad easier for you to handle.

              Oh and Barfridge, absolutely love your new sig haha
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                Just waiting and wishing for the day the West Australian gets sued and packs up. Or another newspaper opens shop..