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Wheel Alignments & Camber Adjustment (Car)

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  • Wheel Alignments & Camber Adjustment (Car)

    I put 2 new tyres on the car (AU Falcon Hatchback ) yesterday at $135 a piece due to uneven wear on the tyres (all 4 wearing on inside tread) and would rather the new ones don't do the same.

    The shop said they couldn't do an alignment as there was no adjustment on the front to correct the camber, and the rear is a solid axle/differential on leaf springs and seeing the same wear pattern as the front.

    Can anyone reccomend a good place to get this sorted, since Beaurepairs has said it's not within their ability?
    I'm assuming your standard tyre shop will say the same.

    I'm in Morley, so something close to home would be great.
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    to have the same tyre wear on the rear is near on impossible because you can't align a leaf rear end, just a thought, did the previous owner do a tyre swap from front to rear before you got it.
    The front used to have a camber kit available for them, give pedders a call in cannington, speak to Bevin, he would be about the best person to help with this issue.
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      May have been rotated by the previous owner, but I doubt it (Was a young kid who bought a Skyline (and couldn't be arsed fixing a $130 wheel bearing). All 4 are pretty even on average/centreline wear (all about 40% tread left).

      Will be putting another two tyres on the cage around christmas, so they'll be the same age.

      Problem I see is that the diff housing is bent and/or internals are worn if I'm getting camber issues on the rear.


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        bent housing could cause it but the whine it would give out would drive you mad. The rear wheel bearing by design, if worn would wear the inside of the tyres and once again, you would hear it. To bend a housing takes a shitload of force, to do this the wheel and axel would be rooted, now these can be replaced but the uneven force on the planetry gears would be huge, and once again , you would hear it.
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