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So many questions too few answers......

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  • So many questions too few answers......

    Just a couple of general questions about this little corner of the net that we call home..
    1. Is it possible to resize the forum pages so that the replies and alot of the text doesnt stretch past the edge of my monitor? Even when i go to print the occasional page from the forum the last few cm of the page will get left off the paper it is printed on. Is it me or is it pain in the arse ro scroll left and right every time I read long posts??

    2. Is it also possible to set up a link from the forum pages and posts that goes directly back to the PSB home page?? I like many people enter the forum from a bookmark and dont login through the home page. I havent checked out for ages for the simple fact there is no link to it from this page!! I reckon would get alot more traffic if this could be done.

    3. Where are the PSB stickers goddamnit!!

    4. Has anyone seen my socks??They were here some where.....


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