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  • American Chopper - the series

    A friend of mine just brought around a few dvds she wanted burnt, and in the collection was a series on custom choppers.. Now Im not a chopper fan, however the dedication and custom work done by these guys that the series follows is bloody awsome..
    Resembles alot of the typical american "reality" shows but definately kept me watchin.. so id recomend having a look at the series
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    That show was on last night on channel 19 on foxtel at 8:00pm(satelite) i think or was it 7:30, anyway check in your local fox guide. They are building a spiderman bike at the mo, its a repeat but its still pretty cool to see it come together
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      the blackwidow episode is the one ur referring to, thats the one i watched today.. bike looks sweet. and a 4week build time is crazy!
      "Did you ever blow bubbles as a kid? Well he's back in town and wants your number"


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        Yeah saw it in the uk a year ago on sky, they built one that was influenced by a fighter plane, awsome show make everyone who watch it want to build coppers for a living


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          I think it is this Thursday that series 2 starts on Discovery, so they are showing 5 episodes of the first series to start with.

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            They gus that build those choppers are called Orange County Choppers, I dont know how they would be to ride but as a piece of art i recon they are pretty cool.

            Besides you gotta admire anyone who can build a bike from almost nothing.



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              its a good series ..

              those boys have some serious issues tho .. they love to have tantums
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                i liked the one where they showed how they chrome frames and things.... real interesting


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                  the old man has some major skitzo's


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                    Although not really a chopper bike fan either, they are pretty good lookin bikes, very unique and I think the black widow was about $150,000 US. :shock:


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                      Yeah seen a few snippets of this series on Foxtel ... some nice looking bikes ..... they border on pieces of art.
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