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Running cost of a 4x4?

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  • Running cost of a 4x4?

    A quick back ground. Just getting my first full time job with BHP, earning a happy sum that fits me in the 2nd top tax bracket, bugger.
    Semi-decided that Novated leasing is the way to go as it comes off pre tax income = less tax (in very simple terms )

    Now, family decided that I'm too young to own a $45K car, and should buy a 2nd hand $20K car instead.

    I've done the maths for the novated lease, and im roughly $220 a week out of pocket. This includes repayments , insurance, fuel, rego, servicing, tyres, road side assistance, etc etc.

    Now i need to figure out what, roughly, the cost of buying and running a $20K 2nd hand 4x4 is.

    So far i have
    Loan (5 years) $100.00 (based of double what i borrowed for my bike)
    Fuel $75.00 (50L/week @ $1.50/l)
    Rego $7.69 ($440 or so a year)

    Havent got anything for tyres, servicing, or insurance yet. But would be guessing that all up it would be within $20 of the newer car?

    Just looking for average costs from people with Hiluxish sized 4x4's. (just took a long way to say it).
    Cheers, sorry for the essay, Im also trying my hardest not to study

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    With the Novated you'll have to put a certain amount of K's on it to keep within the guidelines..Also you can't really Mod the car as all the extra's have to be included in the purchase price, bullbar, lights, etc.. That's normally what throws a lot of people off. Good thing is though if you leave BHP tomorrow you can just pack it in at no cost.

    With your 20K 4WD... Double your fuel. If your on good coin why not smash your loan? Nothing worse than a personal Loan..
    I'm guessing budget about $1000 for service per year.. Other cost's will pop up.. they always do..
    See how ya go!
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      Definately double the fuel. We have a 2001 Nissan Patrol (petrol...eeek) 4.5l...and its a petrol monster. We are about to convert to gas though....$4,500K and the gov rebate is $3k.
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        If you have to ask dont do it, ASK AN ACCOUNTANT

        If you work for BHP you wont be earning big bucks
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          your forgetting that after the nomonated time lets say 4 years at the end of your lease you will have the option on the remainder of your loan ie 4 years 33% of purchase ie 20 k car looking at 7k ? to pay out options are hand the car back, sell the car pay out the remainder or pocket any profit or pay out in full and own it.
          Also they usually have a limit on how old a 2nd hand car is 4 years is usually their limit i think, so at the end of the lease the car is 7-8 years old, i know i had to get an exemption for buying my car.
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            Insurance - proportional to your age, and the cost of your vehicle. The fact it's a big slow box doesn't seem to factor in at all.
            Fuel - Get turbo diesel. Less in servicing (assuming you pick up a good one), better on fuel, etc etc.
            Tyres - do you want to offroad with it? I imagine the skinny little road tyres are cheaper, but if you want fat all terrainers, I believe they're about $3-400 a corner. Something to factor in I suppose


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              Having owned 'Cruiser, Patrols, Petrols, Diesels etc etc etc my advice is:

              Work out the running costs including serviing etc and double it. Might sound extreme, but you soon get hooked and start spending on lift kits, diff breathers etc.

              Also, I'd go a 'small' diesel anyday over a petrol. 3.0/3.2l or so.



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                and then if you take it off-road - double the servicing and maintenance costs!


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                  People I've spoken to have said their landcruisers use in the range of 20L/100km (petrol), or around 15L/100km for diesel. These have probably improved as they were older vehicles.

                  Definately get you accountant to check and see what's the best option for you - go in armed with all the details (pay, vehicle costs, purchase/lease options).

                  A car can be a very money hungry investment, and a 4WD is even more likely to be so.


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                    Anything that's money hungry is not an investment.

                    Speaking from a purely financial point of view you need to minimize expenditure until you can either buy a vehicle without any loans or buy a vehicle that doesn't require any maintenance.
                    This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (your personal circumstances). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase a product you should consider how appropriate it is in regard to your personal circumstances.


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                      Taylor: The novated lease is a flexible salary packaging option, and can reduce the amount of tax you pay (in this case 42c/$ due to the the high tax bracket).

                      Depending on your situation, it can be cheaper to lease as 42% of expenditure would otherwise be paid as tax.


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                        Add more to the rego. Around 600 per year. Properly serviced (filters oil etc) will cost around 600 each service depending on the make and model. Eg, 20k Patrols have two oil filters and two air filters.

                        Definately look for small diesel turbo unless youve got something big to tow.

                        Basically they are around 30-40% more expensive to run/service/maintain the your average car.

                        But a lot more fun.
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                          i might have a nice hilux dual cab turbo diesel for sale...

                          (stupid POS not starting!!!)


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                            Don't expect much better than 20L/100km for fuel. Likely worse (if it's petrol).
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                              my old work car was a 100 series LC - 4.5L petrol motor.

                              with main and sub tank = 135litres. i got 600kms MAX (normally 550kms) of city driving, not thrashing it at all.

                              that was top economy! :thumbsdown: