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Blood Run Today - 2pm

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  • Blood Run Today - 2pm

    Guys ive been getting hounded for two weeks by the blood bank to donate, apparently my blood type is in demand...anyway Im heading down there today at 2pm. Just thought id throw this up to see if anyone else is keen. To make a booking call 13 14 95.

    Knowing my luck im going to get my half litre back at some point during this weekend anyway



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    silly mr straye!

    id go with you, but the boys from work are going with work next Tuesday at 1pm...


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      Hope you've been drinking lots of water

      *note to self, check when I can give again*


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        yeah.... i really should go again. Keep meaning too.... keep forgetting


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          piercing/s recently - yes
          tattoo/s recently - yes

          had to double check this one as the information given out over the phone was INCORRECT

          it is not simply a matter of 'If you have visited the UK in the last year' (which is what I was told)
          it IS 'If you have LIVED in the UK for more than six months between 1980 and 1996

          Just in case anyone else had been given the wrong info as well
          either way due to points one and two i'm out


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            Already went on Wednesday night
            Good luck to the others though - get out there and do something good!


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              I just gave on Wednesday.

              I ticked the recently traveled out of Australia box. I was asked where I have been. "South Africa for 10 days" I replied.
              "Are you sure you didn't sleep with any prostitutes while you were there?" was the reply.

              Do all bikers look like whorers or is it just me?


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                o+ is me Dec05 is my next appointment
                I give every 3 months you never know when one of us will need it


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                  psb group donation???? everyone dooes it?


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                    Originally posted by Dwight View Post
                    psb group donation???? everyone dooes it?

                    we already do have an organised run.....dingo usually organises it.
                    A site all parents should check regulary