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  • Temptation

    Did anyone catch the MotoGP question on Temptation last night (not that I watch it, I wasd just pssin thru, honest). In the fast money, the quetsion was:
    "How many MotoGP World Championships has Valentino Rossi Won?"

    Silence. No takers.

    The answer - 7.

    My point of view is that the question could be misleading. Rossi has won 7 World Championships, but only the top class (MotoGP). Even then, only 4 of them were in the MotoGP era - 1 as 500cc World Champ.

    I guess that they are using MotoGP to include all classes. Just being picky.
    "It's just a motorcyle race" - Mick Doohan, post-race press conference, Phillip Island.

  • #2
    7 is the generally accepted number.

    But yes, they should have phrased it "how many world motorcycle grand prix championships has valentino rossi won" or similar.

    I guess "MotoGP" is just assumed to mean "Motorcycle Grand Prix" now... as opposed to just the motogp class.
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