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iBook install HELLLLLLLPPP

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  • iBook install HELLLLLLLPPP

    ok i've never set up an ibook before but a mate rung me and asked if i could as he just brought it off ebay. I said i'd take a look at it and figured it would be similar to windows. I'm windows proficient, build pc's etc so i'm not pc dumb.

    This thing didn't come pre loaded with any software by the looks. Got 2 sets of discs. 1 set is mac os X install (set of 2) and the other is restore (set of 3)

    i've put the install disc 1 in and press C after the sound as it says on apple site and disc, the laptop starts up with an apple in the middle of the screen and a little spinny disc at the bottom. After a few minutes it changes to a prohibited type symbol like a no smoking sign with the cigarette behind it.

    WTF is this piece of shit doing anyone??????

    send me a pm if you are apple savvy and i'll call you if necessary.


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    Are you holding down "C" or just pressing it once ?

    Is the disk in a reasonable state, like not scratched to buggery ?

    I didn't have iBook media when I was fixing Swampy's so I just booted the ibook in firewire target mode and ran the install on the powerbook. Can do the same for you if you have no luck.

    Edit: Actually... even better... when I finished installing the iBook i took a disk image of it, can write it straight out, fresh install with all current updates.
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      depends if the HD is locked or not or removed ??


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        Nath i'm a windows king not a Mac nerd ... speak english

        I'm holding C down after the music until the disc starts.

        i'll bring it sunday Nath ... can you take a look at it for me?