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New Years Resolutions 08

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  • New Years Resolutions 08

    Well... what are are they?

    Loose weight? Drink more/less? Get fit? Ride more etc etc etc....
    In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
    Its the little things that make the difference
    Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
    If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.

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    not to have change my lifestyle every year

    Originally posted by Ryanoceros
    How many bikes can you buy today that have an otto cycle motor?


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      Keep losing weight, finally finish writing something.
      such comment
      many post


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        Be a nicer person, and be nicer to my Mum especially. With every passing year I seem to be turning into my father more and more and that aint a good thing.

        And get out and socialise more and stop spending so much time in the interweb.


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          loose about 15 kg's for starters


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            Not be such a fucktard with my money


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              ooh i hate new years resolutions...

              uhh quit smoking, lose weight, save my pennies... the usual

              p.s. i wont actually do any of the above


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                I should properly quit smoking. Rach is assisting me with that one.

                I should probably drink less ..

                Fix my god damn car and make her not only pretty to look at but pretty to drive too, after the pant shitting aquaplane on sunday night!

                Do stuff to current bike, buy bigger bike and get R class license. Attempt to save money. (contradiction much?)
                I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                  To be more honest and preferrably more blunt.

                  ...and to quit drinkin....drinking is bad...


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                    Originally posted by straye01 View Post
                    To be more honest and preferrably more blunt.

                    ...and to quit drinkin....drinking is bad...
                    So you wanna be more like Desmogod then ?



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                      cut dowm on masturbation, its affecting my ability to close the throttle.....
                      "Redlines are merely suggestions"
                      "Stroked is fun, but I'ld rather get blown"


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                        Get fitter, might actually manage to do this one

                        Lose weight, reaching the bars could be an issue soon

                        Dont drink so much, liar liar pants on fire

                        Spend less on the bike, TOO LATE! parts are coming

                        be nice to the engineers at work Nah

                        Stop being a slut and find myself a good woman Too farkin hard
                        Real Men Ride Nakid