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Flights booked - Perth here we come...

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  • Flights booked - Perth here we come...

    Well, have finally booked our flights to Perth for March 21st, so it's all systems go.

    We're going to stop over in Singapore for a couple of days and when we get to Oz stay with the in-laws down at Augusta for a month or two. Then it will be heading to Perth to find somewhere to live and looking for jobs.

    It's all very scary heading out with no work lined up, and I'm still unsure as to whether we're doing the correct thing as we both currently have fairly good jobs and somewhere to live (rented). But I have to try and be positive for my wife as she has her heart set on heading back and spending time with her family.

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    I did the same, there is more work in WA than you can poke a stick at
    worry more about where you will find somewhere to live not where you can work

    hurry hurry.. the flies are waiting
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      mate you will have no problem with work come and enjoy the weather
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        Excellent news! And at least you have an established family base here and some PSB friends. Start looking for somewhere to rent NOW.


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          We moved from NSW 7 years ago, no jobs, etc.

          And we haven't looked back.

          A big tip from us both >>>> We were worried about not having work and did the "sensible thing", took jobs within days of getting here.

          BIG MISTAKE!!

          Cos there is so much work on offer, take your time, look around, get yourself sorted, have a trip up north, travel around a bit, do some casual work... then choose where you want to work.

          As mentioned above, rental properites are a bit thin on the ground and hence prices a bit unrealistic at times, and its harder if you want a really nice place in a really nice suburb. I reckon just get any old shit heap short term and work out the lay of the land.
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            I am guessing from your stopover location that you are coming from Europe (UK?). Like everyone else has said, you shouldn't have trouble finding work. There is so much work, it's unreal.

            Perth's a pretty friendly place, and it's not hard to make friends.

            The only thing you might struggle with, if you are coming from a place like Lomdon, or are used to going to Europe etc, is how isoltaed Perth is. It's a long way to anywhere else. I was worried about this when I moved back in 2003, but to be honest, it hasn't been much of an issue for us. You just end up doing different kinds of things. Trips to Asia are cheap and getting cheaper.

            Hope this helps. Let us know when you get here if there's anything that you need a hand with.
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              Many thanks for all the replies guys.

              We have been looking at property and the prices do seem fairly steep in comparison to average wage etc. But I'm sure we'll be okay.

              I must admit to having that worry of how isolated Perth is. We enjoy just jumping on a cheap flight and going over to Europe occasionally. Just yesterday we made a last minute decision to go to France. Paid £50, jumped on the Eurostar and was in the middle of a French Christmas market within an hour and a half.


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                ROFL.... well we are the most isolated city in the world you know. But most like it like that i think.

                As the rest have said... jobs are not an issue at all. Rental properties are. Be a good thing to have a look around now. Please avoid Rockingham, Port Kenedy, Waikiki, and surrounds for your own good.
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                  Hey Dean, your post reminded me I was supposed to do something. Doh! I will PM you on that subject.

                  I am afraid that 50 quid won't get you very far from Perth, Rottnest Island is about it, but there are other compensations. When you are living in Perth who the hell needs to go anywhere else, and Asia is on your doorstep (relatively).

                  Sadly for people trying to rent, the boom in the housing market has meant that rents are catching up with the price of houses and it ain't cheap no more.

                  The good thing is that the job market is very very buoyant. I agree with those who have said don't just jump at the first job you are offered. I did that, as I was concerned that another might not come up. So I was working full time less than 2 weeks after arriving here. Should have had a break!

                  Good luck with the move
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                    Hiya Morgs,

                    Yeah I popped my resume over to you and you were just going to keep your ear to the ground I think to see if you knew of anything that might be suitable.

                    No mad rush at the moment, but any and all help would be hugely appreciated!

                    Cheers lads