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Book shop closing down sale 50% off all

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  • Book shop closing down sale 50% off all

    Went to my favorite book shop today, "Books & Beans" at Joondalup, to discover it is closing due to the lady owner finding 2 kids is enough to occupy her! (how dare she! Where will I get books now??)

    Anyhows, they still have a lot of stock on the shelves all going for 50% off, open tomorrow, sat and sun ONLY!! (sun 10-4pm I think).

    There are bits and pieces on all topics etc, running a tad low on sci fi/fantasy though.

    I have a HUGE bag or 3 in the car (dont tell Rob!!!)

    Books & Beans, 1 Wise St, Joondalup. Ph: (08) 9300 0120
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    do they have a good science section?
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      They have a large stock, the guy behind the counter is the owners hubby and very nice, give him a ring.
      222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.


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        Where abouts in Joondalup? I'd travel miles for a 50% off book sales.
        Cheers IceC
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          just wandered over, there's still a fair bit of stuff there
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            You know Lakeside shops??

            Out side of that whole complex, head towards Harvey Norman area, in between Lakeside and Harvey Norman.. Address is in first post up there by me (theres no up arrow)!
            222 Loctite doesn't taste too bad.


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              *twitch* cookbooks *twitch*