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  • Low speed off!

    As it's casual friday at work today, decided to take the bike.Managed to avoid all the "drivers" on the road and reached the entry of the carpark on elder st unscathed. Just turning in at low, 10kmh, speed and a pedestrian decides to maybe step out in front, bastard! Touch front brake and hello on my side on the kerb, foot nowbetween gear lever and engine, ouch. "Are you ok" then quickly walks away Throbbing toe, but fine, only pride really hurt. Bike now has road rash................ Clutch cover has scratches, mirror scratched, gear lever bent in. $$$$$

    Oh well never mind........

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    You should have nailed the wanker!
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      more worried about the bike


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        Bugger that Mark, not good to hear.

        Next time at least run over their foot or something to share the pain.
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          ouch for scratches and sore foot.

          Used to get pissed off with the peeps coming out of there/walking up down the sidewalk around there when I parked at Elder St.


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              If you want to touch up the clutch cover- go and see Simon at Motor Cycle Panel and paint in Osbourne park... He'll do it for ya cheap... Tell him Jason sent ya...
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              Coote Industrial, Comleck- electrical,
              Motorcycle Panel and Paint, Milkd


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                Remember the mine site rule of giving way - largest/heaviest object wins.

                Fuck pedestrians
                “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa


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                  Bugger. Wanker didn't even give you a hand lifting it?

                  At least you're alright, though.


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                    im with thro on this one

                    shoulda just pulled a minga onto his arse lol
                    Every one has a story.....



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                      Bummer. It's happened to us all at some point.

                      Just my 2c worth - in future try to avoid using the front brake at low speeds (use only the rear).
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                        shoulda just run into the prick... "are u ook" --> butz what a reversal!!