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Trouble with Satellite STB

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  • Trouble with Satellite STB

    Ok, went out last night.. and the baby sitter ( my dad ) had a crack at adjusting the settings on my stb for selectv.. ( why, i have no idea.. I guess he got confused.. cos when i got home, nothing worked )

    I've gone through the help guides, checked the settings.. and in the end, did a factory default reset ( when all else fails, reset it )

    from what i could see, it was picking up the satellite - but wasnt locking in.. and would loose it shortly after..

    I've used the following settings.. pitch in, if you've got experience

    ( but i still cant seem to get it right.. any suggestions ? )

    Set Top Box (ST Tuning Parameters

    SelecTV 990 STB

    The SelecTV 990 STB comes pre-configured for SelecTV services.
    1. If you are installing a SelecTV STB with a pre-existing Satellite Dish and LNB, YOU MAY NEED TO CHANGE THE DEFAULT LNB SETTINGS IN THE STB (to 10700) depending on the type of LNB installed previously. Go to Advanced Settings in the Menu, and use PIN: 9949 to access the menu so you can change the LNB settings.
    2. If you are going to have someone other than SelecTV install your satellite dish, we recommend you request a "KU Band 11.3GHz LNB". This way you won't have to change any STB settings.
    Other STB's

    Tune your STB using the following settings:

    12526 MHz Symbol Rate: 28800 MSym/s FEC: 3/4 Polarisation: Horizontal LNB: 11300 (maybe 10700 depending on the LNB in use)


    Using the tuning parameters above, you MUST scan the Network (not scan the transponder). If you cannot scan the Network, you will have to manually enter each transponder frequency as per the table below.
    Transponder Chart – Homing Transponder (K19) Transponder FrequencySymbol RateFEC PolarityL Band Freq.(11300 LNL Band Freq. (10700 LNK1912526 MHz28800 Ms/s¾Horizontal1226 MHz1826 MHzK1412326 MHz28800 Ms/s¾Horizontal1026 MHz1626 MHzK1312286 MHz28800 Ms/s¾Horizontal986 MHz1586 MHz
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    anyone here got selectv ? maybe i can fish the settings off your box
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      yeah we got it down at the farm, sorry dude, just got back from there and wont be down again before Xmas so cant get the settings for you.