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Best Brand for Pocket Knives?

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  • Best Brand for Pocket Knives?

    Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a pocket knife for a freind for christmas. It's got to be great quality, nothing complicated but able to withstand rigorous use and sharpening.

    Any ideas? :mellow:
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    Depends how deep you pockets are but a leathermans or Gerber are usally good things. I'm buggered if I can remeber the name of the swiss army knife something like Veltroix?
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        sooo useful
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          my victorinox has lasted about 7 years abuse and sharpening cutting everything from paper to trees and other stuff, its jus a basic one- corkscrew-blade-smallblade-its better simpler- also its been wet alot and it hasnt rusted.
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            Originally posted by BettyBoo View Post
            It's got to be great quality, nothing complicated but able to withstand rigorous use and sharpening.

            Any ideas? :mellow:
            Your friend a serial killer or something?

            Gerber are excellent (as mentioned above.) Uzi make an excellent product too. These are modern looking knives.

            If you want classic you can't go past Buck or Puma.

            Locally Excalibur are available and are decent quality.

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              KERSHAW - started ny the man who essentially ran GERBER and they are still such an underratted and well priced knife.

              I have an ally handled one that has taken so much abuse it's crimainal, used the nadle to smash a brick - braely damaged it.

              ***beware of cheaper knifes - they are "troublesome" to sharpen due to their cheap BRTTLE blades***

              this is the knife i was talking about, except dont get the tanto tip, get a straight edged blade (well tanto is ok, but dont get the rope cutting serrations)
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                  I've had my leatherman for over 6 years, used it so many times.. alot of the guys at my fire station also use them.. aint rusted, or broken - even with the abuse I've given it...

                  that's a present that'll last and last, and probably be handed down to another generation..
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                    Excalibur if its just a knife- good quality.
                    If its a multy tool your after , you cant go past a leatherman,
                    mine has been used and abused for the last 7 years and still going strong.
                    Not cheap though.


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                      Cold Steel make some nice knives FOLDING KNIVES


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                        I had a gerber knife (lost) and I still have my leatherman. Both awesome tools and would heartily recommend either of them as gifts


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                          I have a SOG. it's awesome.


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                            Originally posted by lee View Post

                            thats thinking small.. get him one of these!


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                              hate swiss army style ones, you can never clean all the DNA out of them
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