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  • What's on your wish list?


    so Christmas is coming around the corner! how very exciting!

    realistic, or unrealistic, theres always something we wish we could have. maybe not this year.. maybe the next.

    so show us what you want!

    what's on your wish list for the festive season?

    he'res mine!!

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    Here is my xmas wish...

    $206 million

    Not too fussed which currency its in, us$, pounds or aussie...

    *sigh* think of the toys i could buy with that


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      What about 206 million Vietnamese Dong?
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        I want a holiday somewhere romantic, and new hair.
        Originally posted by vk6hgr
        My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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          Originally posted by Kryzaach View Post
          What about 206 million Vietnamese Dong?
          Hahahaha... no thanks, i dont want no vietnamese dong near me

          I'll stick to $'s thanks lol
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            Originally posted by Daise View Post
            I want a holiday somewhere romantic, and new hair.
            I reallllllly need to go on a holiday as well,

            This year has been very long!


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              I just wish i had my R's....waiting is killing me..
              Riding - Living the dream...