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Shrunken hdd size

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  • Shrunken hdd size


    I just bought a new PC with a new 500GB SATA HDD and ive encountered a problem.
    I am also using another old 250gb SATA HDD as well.

    What has happed is ive installed windows to the 500gb HDD, but windows is telling me its only 125GB...Whereas the BIOS is saying its 500GB.

    Just wondering whats going on here, because to not be able to use 350GB on a HDD sucks ...

    Any help appreciated!

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    I know from experience that with some SATA drives (mine with problems is a Samsung) do sometimes require specific .inf files for installation, these need to be loaded from a floppy by pressing F6 during the OS install, as they are specific drivers for the drive.

    We see the same thing with 60 series IBM Laptops here at work, whereas the 50's just build, if you don't have the right drivers for the drives they either don't find the drive at all, or as in your case mis-report the size of the volume.

    What make model is you drive?
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      if you used XP, you have to load SP2 to allow windows to see the larger drive.
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        yeah i had this problem. i ended up creating 2 partitions so i could use the whole disk
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          New pc? so does that mean Vista?