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Email today about the Left Bank

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  • Email today about the Left Bank

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering if anyone here got that email today that went round about an incident that happened on the 24/11 at the Left Bank.

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about - The email went something like this (i don't have the actual mail as it was sent to my work address).

    A bloke and a group of his mates were having a couple of drinks at the left bank - we'll call these folks group A.

    The same night, a bunch of blokes were also there celebrating a bucks party - we'll call this group B.

    well, something happened during the evening which sparked a scuffle between a member of Group A and the Buck from Group B. They shaped up, but before the scuffle turned into a fight, the bloke form Group A turned it back on the Buck from Group B because he didn't want to fight i would imagine.

    Well, while the bloke from Group A had his back turned, the Buck from Group B king hit him from behind. He fell and hit his head on the edge of a small limestone wall. He ended up with 40 stiches down the side of his head etc etc.

    The email went roung asking if anyone knew the fella and if they could report it to the Freo cops or contact the recipient directly.

    I'm not posting this to find out if anyone knows the bloke, but more interested in people opinions on the method of distribution and finding out info.

    I think it's quite a good method, and I would imagine the email spread round Perth like wildfire and that surely someone, knows someone who was at that shindig and apart of the bucks night.

    Do you people think sending out a mass email to the whole of perth to bring this man to justing is a good means in doing so?

    Some flaws i can see in this however, are that people can tamper with the information outlaid in the email etc. turn it into a Chinese Wispers type thing.

    What other means do you think could be quite as comprehensive and cover such a large quantity as quickly? is there really anything as good?

    ignore this if its a repost..

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    try this, there are a few opinions here.