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    These guys are rip-off merchants, but unfortunately carry all the good shit.
    Anyone got a trade account?

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    Altronics trade acct FTL
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      yeah, i got an rs account.. whatcha need desmo ?

      I usually buy batteries by the carton.. ( for paintball )
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        Need a float switch for the tank, and some CDE caps.
        Depending on pricing, I may just order from digikey and wait.
        Depends on price though
        I'll go look up part #'s in a bit.


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          Yea, I think I do... I have one of those card thingies..

          The had a 20% off day yesterday too.. not much help now though


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            Looked at Farnell Electronic Components (or is it now Farnell Worldwide?)
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              Just tried searching for the Caps and can't find them on the site.
              Worst site ever for searching
              bugger it, I'll just go to digikey.