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    [ame=]YouTube - Ducati Rc[/ame]
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    If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.

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    Needs more wheelies.

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      wheres the nitro engine?


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        haha how sucky. needs brushless upgrade


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            Originally posted by taint View Post
            wheres the nitro engine?
            1/5 Scale Nitro Powered Motorcycle Kit

            Video - How to Start a Thunder Tiger Ducati TT Nitro RC Bike


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              Does a few wheelies! Wait for the finish.
              [ame=]YouTube - rc motorcycle 2[/ame]

              I bought a nitro TT Ducati second hand. Took me a while just gettin the thing goin. Low, high, idle carb screws, glow plugs, starter, just like a , er, real bike!

              Theyre pretty sweet mine has front and rear brakes, aluminium fuel tank, and a few other mods like tyres which are apparently needed to get it to work properly from stock.

              The things need huge area pref with no stones (at least to begin). I had ideas of taking it in carparks but most have a drain here n there or a few tight corners or loose gravel...

              The forks trail in the tripleclamp instead of being slightly forward, which pushes the centre of gravity into the corner giving it more turn in. They have like a spring damper setup come off the servo onto the tripleclamp. So in effect its not directly moving the steering but rather just forcing it.
              When u take a corner the servo is setup so it turns the wheel the opposite way (like a real bike). When u release it keeps turning unless you turn the other way to bring it out of the turn.
              Problem is when u turn too much it scrapes on the guard rail and goes straight, and if ur heading for a kerb it means u needa turn TOWARDS the kerb to get it back on its wheels so it can turn. Reminds me when i was 5 when I rode that pw80 with throttle wide open into that hay bale...