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What's the best paper/day to sell a bike?

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  • What's the best paper/day to sell a bike?

    Where should I advertise to zx10?
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    Start with the Quokka - it's free after all.
    If you're not getting any love, and want to try somewhere else, I'd go with the Sunday Times.

    They are the first two places I'd look for non-dealer bikes, but not neccesarily in any order.


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      I always check the autotrader for bikes, then the net for privates. Never looked at the quokka or the sunday times


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        quokka, then autotrader (inc online), and PSB of course
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          on one of the rides recently there was a bike for sale in jarrahdale.

          it was just at the start of kingsbury drive with a for sale sign next to it.
          while i realise it was most likely being sold by a local, it got a lot of looks from all the bikers passing by!!

          it had me thinking, what a great place to try and sell a bike! plenty of targeted exposure!

          as for paper, i think sunday times readers mart is a first point of call for many people testing the waters. but you can't beat the freeness of quokka for a first try, can you?


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            Quokka is for people who can wait and the prices are higher. Sunday times is for people who want to sell.

            don't waste money on any other paper.
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              So...can't get a sidecar to suit the ZX10?
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                lotsa bike web sites have classifieds......mcn news for example

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                  Originally posted by arwon View Post
                  don't waste money on any other paper.
                  But Quokka is free :awesome:


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                    go the quokka!
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                      hope sunday times is good for cars cos the Audi is in there next week.


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                        Sold 2 bikes through, only costs $30 and that lasts until you cancel it and you can upload up to 5 pictures.


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                          the SECOND you advertise with the quokka, ST will call you asking you to advertise with them. and the longer you keep it in the quokka, the longer they will call.
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                            "today" is the best day to sell.

                            housemate put off advertising his gpx seriously for about 6 months (only psb and word of mouth).

                            put it in the quokka on a monday, it was sold by wednesday-thursday.
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