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Girlfriend christmas/anniversary pressie ideas??

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  • Girlfriend christmas/anniversary pressie ideas??

    Did a search but only found valentines day dribble with flowers etc...

    Was wondering who's come up with some good ideas for what to get their chick for xmas or anniversary celebration in the past? As it happens our anniv is on xmas day aswell so wanted to try and get something a bit different, not just the plain same old perfume and jewellry that i seem to go for each time...

    I've heard you can name a star in space and have a framed certificate sent to you as proof... anyone done this?

    Ladies, any stories for gifts you've recieved from a bloke that you thought was pretty nifty??

    cheers guys...


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    Don't know your girlfriend very well do you.


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      I was given a lipstick/helmet cam

      Depends what type of girl she is, girly, nerdy, sporty
      What are her hobbies?

      IMO, couples should give eachother wishlists. That way they know what to buy eachother each year.


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        Make her a booklet of vouchers, redeemable for things like moustache rides and stinky pinkys.

        Chicks love that.
        such comment
        many post


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          Give her a dirty sanchez.
          Or A2M.


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            night away together somewhere, perfume and jewellery is always good, full body massage voucher, bike gear (if shes into that)

            Just depends as Darkbyte says as to what type of girly she is


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              Fuck yeah man u can do that star thing.. I'll send you a certificate and a picture that may or may not be of some fuggin star, invisible to the human eye, it'll look really pro and I'll only charge like .. $150...

              lemme know.


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                ill do it for 140
                Originally posted by Friedrich Hayek
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                  It really depends what she's into. For the 1st birthday my partner & I had together (we'd only been together about 3 weeks then) he gave me money towards buying a VW beetle (with a note saying that in the car), a die-cast VW Beetle (scarily enough I brought the same year and colour beetle 2 weeks after that) and a Care Bear as I collected them.

                  The other awesome pressies I've got was a Westfield Gift Voucher to buy a new outfit for my 21st and then valentines day this year I was given a gold necklace and pendant and the night before he organised for us to go out to dinner and surprised me by organising a limo to pick us up and go to dinner which was nice.


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                    Originally posted by dr00 View Post
                    ill do it for 140
                    undercutting me? expect a visit from my associates, Pauly and Sil.


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                      Oh and if you gave me a stupid star naming thing I'd throw it back at you. They are sucky presents personally


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                        Xmas in Bali. The present part is I'm not going!!


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                          Best pressie I ever got was a cordless drill.... but I'm that kinda girl....

                          Saved me having to borrow my Dad's, brothers & male friends...

                          I like tools.... especially power tools ..

                          The other great pressie was a service for my bike.


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                              I'll do it for $200.00

                              Obviously the price reflects a better quality job

                              One gift that sticks out in my memories (I was the recipient but imagine it would work the other way around)...

                              I went around to my g/f's place, invited at a particular time on my birthday.

                              There was a card at the door. It explained that I should knock, enter and go to the table.

                              Where there was another card by a drink, which I drank (as instructed by card) before moving into the lounge where there was something to eat, and another card.

                              The cards progressively moved on through "have a bath", "Lie down and get a massage", and, erm, onwards from there.

                              I was basically pandered to and treated as I think I should be treated always

                              No big gifts, just being treated very specially for a night and it was quietly obvious that a lot of planning and effort had gone into it.

                              It was awesome. I recommend it thoroughly.
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