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  • Sydney- Things to do.

    Hey All

    I'm heading over to Sydney on the Red Eye Friday, staying until Tuesday.

    Who's in the know of things to do whilst over there.


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    You can go to the Home and Away set if you're so inclined, or do the bridge climb.

    Trip up to the blue mountains if you want to get out of the city.

    If you get really bored, you could visit The Gap...


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      "The Rocks"area Historical and touristy. Catch a ferry, Public Transport type, that does a round trip of the Harbour. Of course Taronga Zoo, Ferry again. The Harbour Bridge climb. Don't like Heights catch a train accross The Bridge. Kings Cross, famous but nothing flash.
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        Kings cross.
        Plenty of "things" to do there.


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          Powerhouse Museum. All kinds of gadgets there, including, my favourite, a robot.


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            Find a Krispy Kreme counter, I have only ever had one of these (about 2 weeks ago) and didn't believe the hype, but now my god I would fly to Sydney just for the donuts again and again!
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              Yesm Krispy Kreams FTMFW!!!

              Go do the sky tower, bridge climb, opera house all the usual things. Toronga Zoo, darling harbour(cockle bay warf etc) monorail blah blah blah... Oh and you have to go and see the Swarovski Christmas tree in the Queen Victoria Building.

              Go get ya mug on sunrise too. I did a few weeks ago complete with MAD T-Shirt & PSB cap.
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                Hire bike, ride into the city at 0730. Return to Perth and never again complain about our traffic congestion


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                  Yep ,plenty to do, but do not drive a car/bike in Steak and Kidney.
                  Be driven by someone else or public transport, day ticket at railway includes ferries and are the ducks swimmers.
                  Ferry to Parramatta fills in 3hrs on round trip excelent, ferry to Manly excelent, visit to Kings cross, do not bother piss weak so to speak.
                  Then there is shopping and rsl's for rehydration and good food I hear.


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                    Originally posted by sarcasmatron View Post
                    Powerhouse Museum. All kinds of gadgets there, including, my favourite, a robot.
                    The powerhouse museum is good..

                    Darling harbour...

                    Don't waste your time going to the Star City sux arse


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                      go to Chickenplus... possibly the best chicken burger meal on the face of the earth...
                      Head up to mona vale/clareville avalalon area and there are a few up there...

                      I make sure I get there everytime I go to Sydney

                      After you have done this, then you can do all the usual Darling harbour/ opera house / Manly stuff


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                        Best part of a trip to Sydney is seeing it in your rear vision mirror.


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                          Originally posted by Jonchilds View Post
                          If you get really depressed, you could visit The Gap...


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                            Coincidently, My girlfriend will be on the same flight... (I fly over later on Saturday)

                            We've done the bridge climb before which is definitely worth doing. If you are into walking, then the Rocks area is great for wondering around and see historical shit, without necessarily having to go into buildings/museums etc. The Diana exhibition is on at the Powerhouse too I think... You could also see one of the big shows on at the theatre, theres sometimes something good that never makes it to Perth... Zoo is good... otherwise just hang out... Sydney is pretty cruisey. Good gelato at circular quey... Cafe Sydney is a nice place to eat overlooking the harbour... We are staying at the Shangri La till Monday night, so pretty much just plan on eating and drinking all weekend.
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