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  • Buying some cages

    I know this is a bike forum, but i have a quick question asking if we have any car salesmen lurking among us..
    My family has just moved to Perth and we are starting our search for some cars tonight for them.
    We have to purchase at least 1 very soon(i.e within the next week or so), preferably 2, and a third shortly after that.
    We are looking for a small car for my sister, possibly a 2nd hand mini, or beatle. approx 20g.
    My mum is looking at some BMW's or midsized mercs.
    My dads car which will be the 3rd car possibly a mazda 6 or something along those lines....
    I'm hoping to sway him and get a subi.
    If anyone has any contacts would be greatly appreciated or recommended car models.

    EDIT: sorry just realised the fonts all screwed up, i wrote it in Lotus notes and copy and pasted..
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    I can sell you a Nissan, Mitsubishi, or Hyundai.

    If you've got a spare $140k or so and want something NICE like a merc, I have an 06 ML 63 AMG
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