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What to do in Bali?

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  • What to do in Bali?

    I'm off to Bali for at week at the end of november! (First time, thanks to the tax return)

    So you bali regulars, what good stuff do I have to make sure I do whilst I'm there?

    Naturally, nailing as many european backpackers as possible is up there on a blokes "To-do" list but the GF would frown on that. :?

    I'm more thinking along the lines of the best adventure tour kinda stuff.

    Also, I see you can hire motorbikes, is that a good idea? or suicidal?


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    drink lots of Bintang and sit by the pool

    The Bali Bird Park is fantastic, Git Git Falls, so many things I could list !!
    Loud Pipes Save Lives


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      Well maybe you need to post again for us all cols


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        Re: What to do in Bali?

        Also, I see you can hire motorbikes, is that a good idea? or suicidal?

        DEFINITELY SUICIDAL... but can also be fun :twisted:

        When u get there the hotel should have heaps of brochures on what to do and where to go.

        My suggestion would be to hire a car and driver for the day (barter a price) and get the driver to take u into the hills and to the other side of the island..

        Ubud, Candi Dasa and all the little villages out that way. Can be a bit scary at times but well worth the trip.. Lots of little arts n crafts stores, jewellery, pottery, markets and beaches all over the island.

        Expect to get hassled by the store owners as they will ask u into their stalls to buy shit...

        After all this u will definitely need a few days to recover by the pool drinking Bintang or cocktails

        If u are game try the little restaurants that aren't too westernised - they have the best food..

        Take some berocca or red cordial with you as this helps the "bali belly".
        Also, believe it or not, Coke also helps.

        I could go on and on here but it will take too long..

        All in all - HAVE FUN :!:

        <span style="font-family:Comic Sans Ms">HAVE I MENTIONED I GOT TO HUG ROSSI????</span>


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          I have a fool proof "KlinkEYE holiday recepie"... (though its been many years since ive been on a holiday)

          Dont overplan your holiday. Figure out the things you MUST SEE or MUST DO... then try to fill in the spaces with the little things... or just sitting by the pool.

          If you over do the holiday... you'll be so exhausted when you return that you wont feel like you've gone away for a holiday at all.
          If you can... you MUST!


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            leave bali, get the ferry to lombok and head to the gili isles
            Nick :twisted:


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              I was in Bali for 10 days a couple of months ago,,and HOLY CRAP it was AWESOME!!!!

              The road rules,or shall i say the only road rule: Beep your horn if you are going to pull put infront of someone and you think they might not be able to see you. Thats about it!

              We hired some bikes (if u call them bikes as they are only 150cc) and had a great time on them. They were about $3.50 austalian a day and $1 would last us in petrol for 2 days. Id recommend getting insurance on them aswell but thats only an extra $1.50 at most a day.
              One of my mates crashed his out the front of the hotel, and ended up costing him $90 worth of fairing damage.

              Now you can get a licence from the police station and ride the bikes 'legally' (which costs about $30) or you can NOT get one like i did and just ride around anyways. If you dont get a licence and r riding around, just dont carry much $$$$ as if the po-lice pull u over, the only way of bribing them is by completely emptying ur pockets.

              I did white water rafting, tour to the volcano, and all the other tours to temples and jewlwry making places, and most of these tours can be sorted out from your hotel. These only took up 2 days of my time.

              There is a little stall next to maccas on the beach in Kuta which also organises tours and we organised white water rafting thorugh them. For 4 of us, we barted them down to $35 each for the whole day. Not bad eh?

              Drink lots & lots of cocktails!!! We were at the bounty and they had a 24 hour pool bar Defintely take berroca!

              Paddy's is a good nite spot to go to which is down the road from the bounty. ANd the New Bounty Ship which is next to Paddys is good when they have their Foam Party (<---which i think is every 2 weeks).

              If your on the lookout for "special milkshakes", go to a little cafe called Midnight Oil and ask them for a shake and they'l know what you mean
              Highly recommended


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                Paddy's is a good nite spot to go to which is down the road from the bounty. ANd the New Bounty Ship which is next to Paddys is good when they have their Foam Party (<---which i think is every 2 weeks).
                yeah if you like being glassed from behind for no apparent reason :evil:

                I am starting to hate drunk teenagers as much as I hate Americans :evil: :evil:
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                2, Always know what you&#39;re doing
                3, In failure of step 2 refer to step one


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                  You must do the rafting.

                  Go with Bali Adventure Tours an Australian mob.

                  Great river (the one near Ubud) and only 4 in the boat as opposed to 8-10 with the other mobs.

                  It was great.


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                    Thanks for the info everyone!


                    Can't wait to get there!


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                      Screw planning anything, talk to the first pimp lookin balinese dude you see (long greasy hair bein a prerequisite) and get him to hook you up with a tiger 2000 then fill ya tank, pick a name on the map somewhere in the north of the island and then head of on a awesome ride! stop randomly and say the locations name to strangers then head in the direction they point. Chances are you will never know where you went that day but i can guarentee you will see amazing things you never would have expected. :twisted:
                      The circus is calling...


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                        I stayed in bounty for 10 days... i remember about 4 of them...

                        Ephrodrien is fun but has evil come downs... as for bali belly my doctor gave me a heap of drugs to take with me.... first night i was there i was bit smashed and started drinking water out the shower nozzle whilst trying to get back my motor functions.

                        FGD's = good drink

                        If after a day of bingtang you can drink more than 3 FGD's and still remeber the night your doing well.

                        as for umm touristy things... I didnt get much further than the road to paddys. :twisted:


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                          Subdued, sounds like you would have been better off staying at home and drinking out of the sewer occasionally.
                          Much cheaper and you would have all the same memories...


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                            HEHE, yeah, my best effort was 10 GFD's in one night!
                            Its a very nice cocktail that gets you very smashed
                            It brings a tear to your eye when you check your room service bill the next morning though

                            BTW, poppy's is a failry good restaraunt, and the hard rock cafe defintely had the highest quality food although it was more expensive. They charged my mate $11 for an juice and only stocked beer in the form of corona which they were charging $10 for. SO dont go to hard rock if your looking to drink, but their food was top quality and nicely priced.


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                              ahhaah bounty send you a slip when you reach a million rup on your tab...

                              woke up first day... had a slip under the door .. and every night after that. :twisted:

                              Bali is great, i think thailand is a better party haven but..

                              Also someone mentioned a place in bali callllleeeeeddd arrghhh FUCK cant rmeber but its a wikid club that opens up onto the beach.. had a funky western name... anyone know it????