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  • Help needed on new car.......

    Well, I am hopefully starting a new job soon, and i am looking at getting a newish car for me and my girl and baby to use....... We are looking at used Beemers, and i was curious to know the difference between the E36 model and the E46 model?

    What i really wanted to know, was is it worth getting a 5 or 7 series in the E36 model lineup, or just to go for the fully optioned 3 series in the E46 lineup? They are all around the low to mid $30k mark, even as high as $40k, but i am curious to know whether the E46 is that much better than the higher specced E36?

    Thanks in advance......

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    Not sure on normal beamers, as i've been eyeing off E36 M3s only... but your best bet for info is probably here:
    DTM Power
    “Crashing is shit for you, shit for the bike, shit for the mechanics and shit for the set-up,” Checa told me a while back. “It’s a signal that you are heading in the wrong direction. You want to win but crashing is the opposite. It’s like being in France when you want to go to England and when you crash you go to Spain. That way you’ll never get to England!” -- Carlos Checa