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  • R1CO = Legend

    There are some true bloody champions in this place, Desmo and J spring to mind, Barfy, hornet, etc.

    But in the last two weeks, one guy has stepped massively up to the plate. First he did my brake shoes, now my clutch (bloody daewoo) and soon he will put my rear quarter window back in for me. ( i cant do the string thing)

    Not only that, but i log on tonight, and in my TZR help thread, he has offered to weld my pipe for me.

    What a bloody hero.

    Cheers R1Co.

    PS: Ladies, hes single.

    PPS: Hornet, not for you, not since your haircut.
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    yup: quiet, modest, fucking champion

    And I bet he's a real demon on a bike too, you can see the pain he's going through not having a bike to call his own.
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      You need your clutch fixed?

      But I thought "Selina from Armadale"(TM) was here


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        ahh jacob we might not see eye to eye but i would still weld your pipe for you if R1CO didnt offer...everyone deserves to the chance to ride
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          R1CO is a bloody legend. Always smilin'!

          Someone buy the guy a beer for me
          Originally posted by vk6hgr
          My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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            And he takes it up the clacker... ops

            sorry mate, top bloke really
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              Sounds like you'll be up and running well in time for next years clowns shoes nominations.
              I missed be able to vote for you this year.


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                Go R1CO!