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    My fiance has said she wants to do a race day in a car. Whether hers or a track I don't think she will mind.

    Is Barbagallo open to this like a Trakdayz style event? I see AHG Driving Centre has a tuning day as well as a V8 session and rally sessions. Has anyone done these? Would you recommend them?
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    You can do NOLIMITS nights at Baragallo, they have a web page and seem to run them every few weeks. Open to all cars.

    Hope this helps.
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      barbagallo do Trackskill. They put instructors in the car with you teach you the lines, provide the cars, and then do a shit load of Rolling start races against a full feild of cars. GREAT FUN, did one a couple of years back, starts early afternoon and finishes around midnight. i think the site is Trackskill

      oh yeah, the one I did was in the commodore cup cars.
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        I highly recommend the "performance driving" courses at AHG

        Driver Training Perth, WA, Australia : AHG Driving Centre : DTEC : MC Motorsport : Rider Training Australia

        $70 and learned heaps... mainly that my car is awesome Also my lines suck (I try to take motorbike lines instead of car lines). Doing that course means you are "eligible" to go out on the AHG track proper (course is done on the skidpan)

        EDIT: This specific one is "BYO car", perfect if you have something sporty, but also very doable if you don't. E.g. in my course there was a "mum" in a dead stock Magna. She did quite well


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          thanks a lot guys. i'll check them out
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            Also if you don't, AHG runs a half day session with their MR2's which was quite fun. Only on skidpan but its great to thrash about in a car thats not yours.


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              +1 ^^^.
              Best place to start, but be warned, she'll be hooked after one session
              If she's really keen, you can join WASCC, with the membership you get free entry to the V8 Supercars (for as long as they race at Barbagallos) AND you get to do several "tuning days" all through the year for about $50 a day. Tuning Days involve your car, instructors will show you the circuit for your first time out, lines, braking points etc, cut laps for as long as you want