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Movie review- American Pie Presents: Beta House

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  • Movie review- American Pie Presents: Beta House

    This is the 6th movie in the American Pie franchise, and you all thought there were only 3 movies!

    There is:
    American Pie
    American Pie 2
    American Pie 3: the wedding
    American Pie Band Camp
    American Pie Presents: the Naked Mile
    American Pie Presents: Beta House

    In summary, band camp is pretty good, the naked mile is a bit shit...and beta house is surprisingly good (for the right occasion).

    It's about one of the younger Stifflers going to college and joining a fraternity. It's jam packed full of boobies, gratituous sex and obligatory gross-out moments.

    The only original cast member left is Eugene Levy, who plays Jim dad, or an ex-fraternity member.

    It's a great pizza and beer movie, I was happily surprised.

    I'll give it 7 dwarfs out of a possible 10
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    7 dwarves is a big call Jeff.


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      What can I say? I'm just easily swayed by boobies
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        Defintely needs more riding ...

        Oh sorry, bad form to review the reviewer?


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          lets be serious "how can we improve a franchise of movies that started off strong, has a great brand name and has petered out to fuck all exposure?"

          one word...


          heaps of them in this movie



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            Thats good enough for me..


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              "Does this movie have a great script and an exciting plot?"

              "It's got lot's of tits"

              "grab it"
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              I'm probably fucking something up.
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                The Stiffler in "The Naked Mile" looks like Semi. Not the frat one, the one with the frigid girlfriend.
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                  Needs mo original Stifler!

                  "well polish my nuts and serve me a milkshake"


                  [ame=]YouTube - Best of Stifler: American Pie 2 (Part 1 of 2)[/ame]