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  • Parking Inspector

    no nono this is not a rant it is a WELL DONE THAT GIRL.
    Venue: Freo
    Time : 230ish today
    Action: Parking inspector aproached parked bike.
    Reaction: Get defensive as i have only just parked

    But NOOO said parking inspector says gday nice bike.
    turns out she has an R1 knows a few people from PSB.
    Result . No need for ticket
    endstate: WHAT A TOP CHICK
    Sis pacis. Instruo pro bellum.

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    was she cute ?


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      Dude parking inspectors arent cute.. They're usually short dumpy fuggly little creatures with heads like half sucked mangoes....
      In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
      Its the little things that make the difference
      Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
      If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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        well i think she was awsome. Prolly old enuff to be my mum , but still a top lady.
        Sis pacis. Instruo pro bellum.


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          probably one of the few who'll actually ticket a car for parking in bike bays.