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sup all - just saying xmas wishes

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  • sup all - just saying xmas wishes

    I just wanted to spread a bit of xmas cheer to you all given I am unable to make the xmas party and from this weekend will be unable to access the forum until on or around 30 December.

    To Deej, Hewie, Roost and the other 'run the show behind the scene' guys: thank you all for another great year on PSB, if I can do my sums, right this is the end of my third year (07 less 04 yep that's right) and I think it has been exceptionally managed with the number of peeps on board now. MAD this year was an absolute tribute to how well this society is functioning and this is largely if not solely due to your tremendous efforts. Hoo Haa indeed!!!! roll on bikini wash 08!

    To my more close nit group of mates, you know who you are, I would list yas but would be sure to fill up the page too much and miss peeps inadvertantly, thanks for being the best mates a guy could ask for, I promise to make an effort to blow the dust and cobwebs off more next year (it will be one of my many NY resolutions). My not coming out all that much of recent times in no way detracts from how highly I regard and cherish you guys and girls and the friendship you give me. The trips away this year have been great and I look forward to more next year starting with Dunno over Aussie Day weekend.

    To the rest of you motley bunch, merry xmas, stay safe over the crazy period and I look forward to meeting more of you next year.

    And lastly I apologise if I offended anyone for living up to my username. Ill try to trim down a bit so the butt is more attractive to lookat (haha)

    All the best peeps.


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    Merry Christmas Simon!

    All the best over the silly season and stay safe

    Originally posted by vk6hgr
    My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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