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    BBC NEWS | South Asia | Electric shocks for Indian pupils

    Electric shocks for Indian pupils

    A secondary school teacher in India has been arrested for disciplining unruly pupils with electric shocks.

    The physics teacher is alleged to have given mild shocks to 22 of his teenage students at a school in the western state of Maharashtra.

    He used an exposed wire connected to batteries from the science laboratory to administer the shocks.
    He was arrested after students and parents complained to the police, a local officer told NDTV news.

    None of the students were injured and the school's headmaster said they were all continuing to attend classes.

    The teacher, who was arrested on criminal intimidation charges, has been released on bail but faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

    Corporal punishment is illegal in Indian schools.

    What's wrong with that??

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    I got the cane, electric shock was probably easier


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      taser ftw!


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        ^^^ wouldn't that get the kids to behave!! any mucking around and WHAM! teacher shoots them with a taser gun!!


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          I prefer the cattle prod method


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            I'm with taint, it has the personal touch. Plus when you get up close and personal you can smell the fear.
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              Be cool if all the chairs were metal/had metal plates.. You fuck around and WHAM SUKKA!
              c o o l s t o r y b r o


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                Yeah +1 with taints method. Or better still... a hybrid cane/cattle prod. Unleashes a hail of zapping fury upon contact.
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