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Katana on Ebay. Wonder if it's real...

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  • Katana on Ebay. Wonder if it's real...

    Just came across an ebay seller selling a few "Rare japanese samurai katana". 4 hours to go, and presently at around $10.

    Looking at the photo's they appear to at least have folded blades (not what you normally see on a cheap copy.)

    Don't plan on bidding, just thought it a bit strange.

    Anyone know more about these things? I've read a fair bit about sword making in the past, and these don't strike me as being incredibly well made, or at least poorly looked after.

    Just noticed the shipping price. Still, seems cheap if they are real? *shrug*

    eBay Australia Shop - wanshida 2008:

    Here is a photo of one of the swords.
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    doesn't look to good to me. Bad imitations

    Edit. You can get the "folded" look with powdered steel.

    These are mostly in poor repair and being an item that was traditionally passed down generations swords were generally very well looked after

    whats with the number imprinted on the blade? in english
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      that's a 'damascus' steel blade, not a traditional samurai bi-metallic blade. it's a cheap knock off i'd say.

      just looked at their items. HAH

      cheap and fuckin nasty. a true blue hand forged sword will fetch big big big dollars. these are mass produced pieces of shite.


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        even true damascus is a lot more expensive than that. I had a pocket knife with a 3" damascus blade that cost well over $100


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          I'm under the impression that a licensed dealer is the only way to go for this kind of stuff.

          I believe if you're training, our own delightful Spock can deal in these goods? (please correct me if I am wrong).
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            I wasn't searching for swords. Believe it or not, I was searching for carved wooden beer tap handles. lol
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              haha, those two happen to be closely related


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                These are certainly not real katana but for $10 they are a bargain. You can't get even the cheapest display katana (with plastic fittings and cheesy 'gold' plated tsuba) for less than $100 locally.

                Just don't try to use it for anything other than display if you buy one!
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                  if you are ever interested good starting points for modern swords

                  The Sharpened Edge

                  Samurai Swords - Real, Authentic, Japanese Samurai Swords - Paul Chen, Thaitsuki, Cold Steel, Ninja & more !
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                    I read a book years ago on the Craft of the Japanese Sword following the work of Yoshindo Yoshihara (I think that's it). So much work involved and to buy cost as much as a luxury car. Even the Grip, Scabbard and little wedge that holds the Katana securely in it's scabbard are made by specialised craftsmen. I think most of the knock-offs are from Spain and whilst decorative, they do not nearly match the quality of an original.
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                      Selling a "kilo silver" item there for $11. That's below the price for an ounce of silver.

                      Highly "authentic" stuff he seems to be selling.


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                        ... I thought this thread was going to be about a suzuki :/
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