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Wheel departs truck...OMG...

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  • Wheel departs truck...OMG...

    So there I am following a two trailer road train down Roe Hwy in the right lane. He's passing cars so its cool I'll just stay behind till theres room.

    Oh my fucken god...A trailer wheel departs the trailer and heads left.

    How it missed a couple of cars next to him I have no idea.

    I'm on the brakes and hit the hazard lights to slow the traffic behind me.
    The wheel goes left till it hits the roadside fence, bounces back across and hits the wire rope barrier, sending it left again, once again it hits the fence and comes back across the road where it finds a gap in the wire rope barrier and head across toward the oncoming traffic side. Luckily the wire rope barrier on that side stops the wheel and everybody is safe again.

    The truck pulled up about a kay from when the wheel left it and about 500 metres from where the wheel stopped.

    One of the most dangerous things I have seen.

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    Which transport company's logo was on the side of the truck..?


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      Didn't notice actually...


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        Your phone ringing yet Dave? Was about this time of year last time...


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          wow PICSORBAN


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            Originally posted by Chris View Post
            Which transport company's logo was on the side of the truck..?
            Fark off karnt!!!

            Softspot is on holidays.

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              Originally posted by Rich View Post
              Didn't notice actually...

              Not really surprised, it's hardly the first thing on your mind when you're dodging debris at 100+ in traffic
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                Saw this happen going up the Adelaide hills, actually. Surprised I forgot about it. Only difference was the bugger bounced up an off ramp and out of sight.

                I've also seen a retread blow the rubber off and run straight up the bonnet, windscreen and roof of the car I was in. Scary fast, too.

                Nice work dodging the tyre, Rich.
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                  Geez rich that will keep you on your toes

                  Good work not hitting the tyre, glad everybody else ok too
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                    It would have only been better if there was explosions, boats flipping and rock music. Sure it's dangerous, but no one was hurt, those small chances that you're actually there when it happened and that it missed everything is amazing.

                    Adrenaline junkie, for sure.
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                      +1 for the post count hey, Taylor?

                      (This is now a redundant post.)
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                        I lost a left steerer on a Mack truck once on the Southern Cross - Coolgardie road at about 90kph.

                        The tyre suddenly went flat, the split ring popped off and the tyre parted company with the truck and speared off into the bush. Fuck knows where it ended up.
                        Scared the living crap outta me, but you should have seen my offsider when he was rudely awoken by the sound of a steel rim running on the bitumen, the front of the truck leaning on a crazy angle and the whole show weaving all over the place.

                        It wasn't funny for a little while there.

                        I'd hate to be on the recieving end of a speeding truck tyre.


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                          I saw a wheel come flying off a car and go right through someones front porch. luckily noone got hit walking by (or driving by) as it was on a busy road, would have done some serious damage!


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                            I was 'truck puppy' (in the passenger seat) of a tipper running product from the Alluvial mine to the main Argyle site, when a right hand steerer exploded. Narrowly missed a tourist coach coming the other way, then we headed further to the right hand side of the road. I'm thinking at this stage..."this is not going to be pretty". Over the right hand side of road and then we begin the 'hey, why is everything upside down' scene. Made a lot of noise, a bit of a mess, and it's fucken hard getting out of a seat belt when you are suspended 3 metres in the air.

                            Whole episode scared the shit out of me.

                            So think wire rope barriers work?
                            Originally posted by Viper
                            I'm probably fucking something up.
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                              Saw the aftermath of this, the whole axel assembly had sheered of the dolly for the second trailer, lucky it never hit someone, would have been a nasty nasty mess.