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    Have a 2002 Toyota Camry that just deposited the total contents of the auto transmission on the road (tranny oil). There was no indication of any problem, no noises. First indication was lack of reverse. A walk back up the road following the oil trail goes for about 500 meters.

    Is this expensive??? Gunna need a tow unless it is fixable on site boo hoo Happy New Year to me

    Off Topic I know but not sure where to post - please move if required Mr Moderator

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    Hopefully just dropped a drain plug and lost all oil quickly. If so, just replace drain plug and refill. If my memory is right, this model has two drains, one for diff and one for trans but both fill through the trans dipstick. If it's a bigger, ongoing problem and you have driven for some time with low/no oil then maybe some damge has been done.
    good luck.


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      Thanks Gav.

      It all happened inside 30 seconds. No prior leaks, gearbox performance was good. It did smoke up a little bit so I hope i isn't cooked. Will check tomorrow