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Those kooky aliens.

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  • Those kooky aliens.

    Nothing gives me a sense of personal security and peace like the desperation of those less fortunate than me.

    The immigrants stuffed into car seats and under bonnets trying to get into Europe | the Daily Mail

    These astonishing pictures show the lengths desperate immigrants go to in order to reach Europe.

    In one image, two men have managed to hide themselves inside the front seats of a Mercedes, with their heads jammed into the plastic head rests.
    "Geez honey, the lumbar support on these seats is terrible, something keeps prodding me in the back."

    In a third, an illegal immigrant has had himself buried within a car's dashboard.
    Okay, now imagine this guy doing the voice of your Navman or Tomtom while he's hiding there.

    But by far the best prank perpetrated on desperate individuals for 2007 would have to be:
    In Bosnia, one group of illegals was shown a lake, given a boat and told Italy was a two-hour row away. They were arrested by police waiting at the far side of the lake.
    I take my hat off to you, Sirs.

    What is best in life? Troll the forums, see the threads derailed before you and hear the lamentations of the moderators.

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    I see you, giving me the brown eye.


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      I got this great idea, right. Why not just hide under amongst sealed containers full of clearly marked heroin? They have no problems getting that shit into the US of A, so surely hiding amongst it is a flawless plan.


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        Yeah that reminds me of an email that was doing the rounds a couple of years ago from US Border control...some Mexicano lolita stashed behind the dash of an F150, they had to pull half the thing apart to get her out.

        Fucking gyppos.