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Urgent: Transport company for human remains (ashes)

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  • Urgent: Transport company for human remains (ashes)

    I'm turning to PSB because google and the whitepages has failed me.

    My uncle passed away last week and was cremated, as part of his wishes he wanted a small urn of his ashes sent back to the UK (ashes finally going back to england lolz), trouble is, Fedex, DHL and TNT will not carry them, and haven't been very helpful in the direction pointing arena.

    Anyone have any experience, numbers etc etc?



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    Tried calling up & asking a funeral director?


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      International Exports (Airfreight and Seafreight) - Trans Global Freight Services
      we offer a discreet Human remains service, talk to our staff about this service we offer for funeral directors exporting worldwide;
      United Cargo has created a caring and specialized service to assist in the transportation of human remains. One call to our special toll-free number and we can arrange shipment immediately to virtually any destination in the world. All funeral shipments are given special priority and bereavement fares may be available to family members or escorts accompanying the remains.

      Please read the product information below as well as the requirements for transporting human remains. For professional and compassionate service, contact United Cargo seven days a week. Reservations for this service are not available online.
      Thai Airways International - Cargo

      Human corpses may only be accepted for carriage provided they are accompanied by a Death Certificate issued by the appropriate authorities in the country of death. All laws, ordinances or governmental rules and regulations in the country of departure, transit and destination regarding carriage of human remains must be complied with. As the stated rules are generally complicated and subject to frequent revisions, shippers can obtain all advice from the appropriate authorities involved.

      Uncremated human remains must be contained in a soldered inner coffin of lead or zinc, which is inside a wooden one to prevent damage, and covered by canvas so that the nature of contents is not apparent. Cremated human remains must be shipped as funeral urns that are efficiently protected against breakage by cushioning packing. An additional Cremation Certificate from the crematorium is required.


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        I was under the impression that as long as you had a copy of the death Certificate and a copy of the Authority to Scatter the ashes you can ship it via nay method you want.

        You mortuary should be able to help you.
        You put the c*nt in country run


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          Cheers for the link(s) Mark, We did most of it through a funeral director, but as they were being split, and the details were not all sorted out, long story short, this part of the trip has been left up to me to arrange

          Cbr1k - That's what we thought too.


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            Sorted thanks for the help


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              Did anyone else clicky on this thread thinking it was a joke?

              Good to hear it's all sorted though.


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