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A notice to Whores

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  • A notice to Whores

    As you may have noticed, things have been going downhill a bit recently. I'm trying to put a stop to that.

    Yes, this is an area for off-topic discussion. But that means worthwhile discussion that is not about bikes. It doesn't mean pointless dribble, personal sledging and dragging existing discussions off topic.

    So, in addition to the Forum rules, here are some additional guidelines:
    - being a whore myself, I love a good bitchfight. But don't get personal, or you will be whacked
    - don't go too far off topic. Injecting a bit of humour is great, and takes conversations in great directions. But there are limits.
    - MSN exists for a reason, use that for interpersonal conversations.
    - I believe strongly in the concept of 'quality'. Some of the best posts here have been completely random. Exceptions to the above rules will be made if you can make me laugh, cough up my lunch or see the world in a new way.

    So if I whack anything of yours, feel free to ask me to explain why, I'm as accountable as the next person. But keep it civil, abuse will be ignored.

    So, in summary: be the best whore you can be, always strive for quality and respect your fellow whore.

    Thank You,
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    In addition, when it comes to post content, we don't accept the following as suitable:

    Racist ranting - There's acceptable ranting about "individuals" but no race hate posts
    Underage sexual references - Keep your under-18 thoughts to your bedtime dreams