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The value of old furniture?

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  • The value of old furniture?

    Where in Perth would one go to get something like this valued?

    My gran brought this over from England with her in the 70s. We have absolutely no idea what the history is behind this piece. I cant guess at its age or what it is made of. According to mum there is a maker stamp on it somewhere.

    We also have a beale piano. I guess a piano store would be able to say what it is worth? We brought it second hand during the early 90s.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go so as not to be ripped off?

    Note: we want a value for sale reasons rather than insurance.

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    History of the Piano - Old Antique Pianos


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      Auctioneers usually do valuations but if you think it's antique try an antique dealer.


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        Chest of draws/ side board looks to be Art Deco (I could be disgustingly wrong BTW) so possibly 1920's. Piano I have not idea but the older ones usually have a metal frame with the year of manufacture and the manufacturer's name which should put you in the ball park suggest an actual piano shop there used to be a really big one in Vic park. Pulled the covers off an old Piano my Grandmother had we knew it was old but we weren't quiet expecting 1876 as a year of manufacture.
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          Try here: Antiques Perth WA, Antique Dealers Western Australia, Furniture Collectible Porcelain Ceramics Glass Silverware Bronzes Paintings

          Perhaps you can send them your photos?

          Also check here: Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association: Welcome to the Antique and Art Dealers Association

          My uncle is an antiques dealer in the UK if that helps although he isn't on the net

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            Cheers peeps. Desmogod, nice link will take a look should I ever feel as strong as the incredible hulk and be game enough to move it Ill be looking for a serial number - its well and truely sunk into the underlay and weights a tonne!

            I tried the first link Zen and sent photos, the sideboard isnt something that they deal in, but they did give me an approximate age - 1930s, so thats something to go on. Thanks.

            Will keep asking around. Cheers all!


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              I've got some friends who have bought a deco house recently and are into that sort of stuff ... Will try and find out who is good to deal with for buying/selling furniture.


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                PM sent
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                  For the Piano try:

                  Peter Hudson's Piano World
                  2 Capel Court Bentley,
                  Western Australia, 6102.
                  Phone: (61 8) 9451 4511
                  Facsimile: (61 8) 9316 3165
                  Mobile: 0419 316 319
                  [email protected]

                  He also collects old unusual pianos instruments etc
                  so he should have a good idea if yours is valuable or not
                  EDIT: also does piano removals
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                    Jeeze I wasn't too bad then.. noo I'm not into "antiquing"............ no guys seriously i'm not I just reconised the classic lines of an early 20th century art movement. Umm no I've just gone from a someone with no life to a tosser.

                    Well on the upside I believe art deco is in high demand at the moment so the side board is definatly worth more than firewood.
                    Harvey community radio has a motorcycling show listen over the web here ,Facebook here yes I am the goose that hosts it.