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  • What GPS?!!

    Ive heard that Garmin and Navman are the way to go.. but I have no idea which models are considered the best value for dosh.

    Touch screen? 4"? Mp3/video campatible? Im really up for anything as long as it has a decent review and decent (preferably 3D) Nav software.

    Im looking around the $400 mark, but can be pursuaded either way if the argument is good enough.

    I really think its time i got one of these for the cage.... not really bothered about it being bike compatible as its not that bad to get lost on a ride

    Please give me your opinion and if possible where to buy.

    Thanks muchly,

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    basically depends what you want from it.

    personally, i just dont see the need for one for navigating around Perth. I think it is and always will be quicker to flick through the UBD. But for country travel where UBD's dont exist the GPS's are great.

    If i was going to get just a car one for use in the city, i'd look at the TomTom's. Probably the TomTom One (version 3) for $339.

    For the country, I only look at Magellan's cause I've found their country mapping to be far superior to anything else.

    If you want one that has the option of going on the bike then you need one that has an appropriate mount (like a RAM mount). Waterproof-ness would also be nice for a bike one.


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      On the bike there's the Tom Tom Rider and Garmin Zumo. Last I knew, they were about $1000 and $1400 respectively.

      I have a Navman in the car. Never given me any problems. Well, except that it's mounted to the window, and I had a cop yesterday "suggest" that it could block my vision. This was only after I cracked up laughing as he pulled me over for a RBT when he mistook the bluetooth handsfree unit that came with it for a radar detector, mind.


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        I have a Tom Tom Go 720. I brought that because I don't have a hands free kit in my car and this is my alternative as it has blue tooth so it doubles for that. It came with free upgrade to 2008 maps as well, tom tom buddy system as i have mates with tom toms, the 4 1/2 inch (or whatever size it is) screen and the price.

        I wouldn't buy anything other than tom tom or navman. I was going to get the Nav S50 but this had a lil more.

        Cost from Good guys was $640.

        If you want just a basic model I would recommend looking at the Navman S30.


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          the garmin for bikes looks great but cost aroung $1000, i think having bluetooth comands from the gps is a necesity for a bike, dont want to be looking at a screen while riding, maybe some water resistance would be good too
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            Copilot 7 on Windows Mobile 6 for me. Its free if you buy a HTC TyTn II pda phone on 3, and works a treat

            I use the headphones when on the bike, turned down low enough so i can just hear it.


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              Yeah I use tomtom for WM5 on my Dopod (atleast until I upgrade to TyTn II in March)


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                I'm almost ready for an upgrade ( something that can go on my bike, too )

                Got an AWA X100 here.. not even 12 months old.. cost $400..

                Comes with window mount, dc power lead, maps on SD card and manuals.. in original box..

                Does voice navigation, and has pretty much all the fruit.. ( touch screen, 3d/2d modes, night and day modes.. etc etc )

                $300 ? ( if you're interested )
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