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  • MP3 players???

    hey all, what are good MP3 players. brands, prices hard drive sizes?

    I have no idea what i'm looking for. I'll be using it when in europe 2 so i need it to be small but durable?

    thanks in advance
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    I had one of the first model iPod shuffles which was okay. Nowdays I just use my mobile phone (Nokia N81). Phone has a MicroSD card and can take normal 3.5mm headphones. Less stuff to keep track of....
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      By a rule of thumb, I don't buy any music player that could hold more songs than I could play before the battery ran out. The Shuffle is one such device. ~240 songs @ 3:30 each, is 14 hours. The battery will only last 12. I went into Strathfield and bought a china brand 128MB player almost 4 years ago, it's got just shy of 2 hours playtime, but the rechargeable AAA batteries can go for 3 to 4. A 256MB one would be more than enough for daily commute or casual stroll while you take in the sites.

      Then again, if you're not going to be having a chance to mix up your play list, then something bigger wouldn't be excessive, but still, 512MB is a lot of music and a long time between hearing the same song twice. There's certainly a lot of show ponying with iPods, nobody needs to go 6 and a half weeks of constant play without hearing the same song twice.

      My mp3 player cost $98 in 2004, it should be half that by now, but cheaper means you don't feel so bad if you lose it or it gets stolen. Imagine losing your $700 iPod, that'd bring down the whole trip, but losing your $50 mp3 player, no worries.
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        i had an olympus i:robe because everyone i knew had an ipod and i wanted to be different.

        now i know why everyone has an ipod.

        because they're not CRAP


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          I just went and got myself the latest ipod nano...4gb version after seeing my girlfriends one, very happy with it so far, especially compared to the crappy iriver i used to have. i like being able to put heaps of music on there, that way i hardly ever have to change it, but i also listen to it all day at work, so variety is good for me.


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            1GB min... you will get bored otherwise...
            Ipods are good for a while, but always die... and way overpriced...
            I had a shuffle (with no screen) and I have learnt that a screen is good... (although its just another thing to break) as you can find songs easily


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              I'm a big fan of Creative MP3 players. Well priced, comes with all accessories, fm radio, plays all formats which means you don't have to convert all your music to aac format like you do for an ipod. Rechargeable batteries, I've had my 5GB one for 3 years now without any dramas.
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                I'm also a huge fan of creative. They have a huge range, chances are you'll find what you want. I bought a Creative Zen 8GB not long ago. Very easy to use. Only conversions needed are for video files if you want to use it as a video player as well. Creative has everything from the Stone (ipod shuffle equivalent) to the Zen vision M (I think thats near the top) which has something like 40GB, and is really meant for video. And the best part is NO ITUNES


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                  Creative or iRiver
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                    +1 creative, I have a 2gb zen model that's lasted a couple of years with a radio, voice recorder, all that guff, and it's tiny. All the functionality of an iPod without the dickin about that only comes with apple technology


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                      Well all the above MP3 players are for the weak

                      i first had a single AA battery MP3 player years back
                      a good old 128mb one
                      it was just a UB that played music
                      but soon found it didnt hold enough songs for me
                      id travel to perth from bunbury often and got bored of the songs

                      i brought a first gen 4gb ipod mini a while back
                      this was the beggining of my music craze phase of my life
                      but i had to start choosing songs id want on it because it only held around 840 songs
                      clearly not enough when you use it as much as i do
                      i work on computers and have myself pluged in around 8hrs a day
                      this was the beggining of my music craze phase of my life

                      and just before christams i replaced it with a brand spanking new silver 80gig ipod classic

                      many people would ask what the hell would you do with 80gb
                      well my answer
                      what ever the hell i like
                      some people dont like the ipod because you cant just "drag and drop music"
                      but i like my itunes and it works well for me
                      i can organise play lists, burns cd's from it, download podcasts, buy music *cough*
                      i have thousands of songs and listen to my ipod everyday at work so i dont have to listen to the old smelly guy next to me who cant breath properly, whistle, mumble and breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out....
                      i use it in the car
                      on the train
                      every where
                      she is my precious
                      im a slight music fanatic
                      and as soon as i listened to my music through my new ipod i was amazed by the clarity of it
                      IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
                      my friends have also checked out my new ipod and love the sound as well
                      better then there scabby ones
                      and it amuses me when im bored at work
                      with the sliding album covers, the games, it has an alarm, stop watch, a calender, contacts etc.
                      im the kind of person who loves technology and wants everything even though i probably wont use it all
                      i just love the fact its there

                      also ipods have the most accessories for the fashion savi person, speakers, arm bands for jogging etc.

                      but it all comes down to your personal style, how much music you want on it, what other applications you want, video etc
                      how often you'd use it, how much your willing to pay, if you want drag and drop

                      the price of MP3 keep on dropping and i got mine with an extra year warrenty for less then $400 from harvey norman.

                      maybe go to a big store that has heaps of differnet ones and "test ride" them like you would a bike... or like a mobile phone
                      see which ones you find easist to use

                      and the power is yours!!!!! ( to find and MP3 player)