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New Plan for Perth Waterfront

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  • Ipit, Govt Lies, Govt fiddles the books to make a bad idea seem good and all the gullible fall for it, just like they did with the Bell Tower and Saddams WMD's.
    If the land along the Foreshore is sold, we no longer own that land and it has cost us, there is no free money here.
    I don't want to insult your intelligence, but when I have told you I find buildings and Cities visually repulsive, why would I waste money going somewhere to see something I have no interest in? No I'll spend it going to see another MotoGP, something that does interest me. Postcards are enough to see that little boxes are the same all over the world. Some Cities are of architectural interest, some have Historical value, but they still look like cesspools of concrete.
    I would prefer money be spent extending the Freeway North, far more useful to me and many other NOR people. A new Football stadium for Football (aka Soccer) and Rugby, even though I don't really follow these sports many thousands of West Aussies do. Improved roads in the South West so all the tourists not going to the Bell Tower can see the beautiful Flora and Fauna of WA without crashing on a Goat Track. There are many other areas where this money can be well spent and not wasted on a waterfront facade.
    Bikes are good, Cars are bad, Green is better than Gold.