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Who comes up wif this shit?

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  • Who comes up wif this shit?

    The Victorian government wants to restrict speedometers on all new cars in Australia at 130kph.
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    Why Braks does ofcourse


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      Just another example of a politician having absolutely no clue whatsoever as to what he's talking about. :roll:

      Can imagine what the response from the manufacturers is going to be : "Of course Mr Bracks we can do that and would you like us to make all the cars run on only 2 cylinders as well?"
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        Well that just blows!
        He won't be getting in next election! :evil:


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          The debate over speed has been reignited by Ford Performance Vehicles' release of a turbocharged six-cylinder Falcon - the Typhoon - which is capable of well over 200kph.
          thats laughable ha ha ha ha

          Cars are so slow, late model litre bikes can do that in second/third gear....oh no, if they do that with cars then sports bikes will be next. Now how will I be able to tell what speed i flew past that yamaha?
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            the stupid thing is the car will still be able to go over 130 if that came in to infect u just wouldnt know what speed your doing after hehe and that type of decesion would have to be made at national level not state, so he is pissing in the wind but good on him for making a dick of himself..


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              A lot of imported Japanese cars have a speed limiter at 180km/h that can (and is quite commonly) bypassed by using a Pivot (or similar brand) Speed Meter that not only gives you a nice digital and accurate readout of your ACTUAL speed it also allows you to sail past the 180km/h limit.

              You can obviously cut the speed limiter if you change your ECU too, i'm sure if it goes ahead there will be a massive market for small, easy to install and discreet devices that will cut this limiter....

              Personally I think it's a load of wank...why would anyone buy a car that comes with factory imposed limits? Way to kill the economy retard...

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                Will cop cars come with this device??

                High speed chase in first gear! hahaha What?? you can only go 130??



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                  ahhh i still remember the days of getting past the speed limiter on my mates fairlane (188) not to difficult if you ask around :evil:

                  on a side note wouldnt a power commander bypass an engine limiter because it replaces the cpu?
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                    Will cop cars come with this device??
                    guess they won't be able to speed check you then and can only say you was going 130..........errmmm orifficer my speedo only said 130kph so how could I have been going faster??