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Is it wrong to set someone straight?

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    Originally posted by IPIT View Post
    I thought ADF was like WAPOL they pretty much give you the answers all you need to do is write your name
    Originally posted by Gryphen View Post
    "When you're standing on a tall building do you ever get the urge to jump?"

    Answer is usually yes, most people do have a fear of heights, some it is as little as caution, others its a knee trembler, but what the urge to jump sensation is is the mind taking control of a fear situation. Its actually quite normal, and isn't in fact a problem.

    In fact someone saying no would point to someone giving you the answers rather than telling the truth, lol.
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    Originally posted by Melkor
    The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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      I get the knee trembles and the urge to jump, have done since as long as I can remember.
      And no, it's not a suicide thing.


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        Originally posted by The Saint View Post

        o snap :o
        As in someone giving you the answer you want to hear and not what they actually experience...
        Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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          Originally posted by Gryphen View Post

          Ryven if it means something dude, when you're standing on that tall building the people around you do have an urge to PUSH....
          That's fine, so long as they realise the back lash under those circumstances would come in the form of me taking them along for the ride.

          As for clarity on the whole heights thing. I'm not fond of heights at all, but it's more so subject to what I'm working with at the time. I've operated cherry pickers at heights well in excess of those in which I've encountered while scaling wooden support beams on rooftops. Which is kind of ironic, since entire house structures aren't known to fall over onto you, where as a cherry picket when fully ended and moving has been known to. But the whole urge to jump thing is still a great big no when it goes beyond heights where I want to jump because it saves me taking the long way around.


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            Trouble is, not too many people want to be told the truth..
            I have done it a few times recently, but it was in my opinion that they were deserving of being told to pull their heads in..
            They didn't agree


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              never served......but army late father served 30years in ADF, mostly in 3RAR, some attached to American 187th Air Borne.
              He respected anyone who served, but called anyone under 10 years service tourists. He rarely offered what he did, because then he would have to pretent he gave a shit that people served one or two listings. He hated hunting, and often used to say they should hunt something that had half a chance.
              He never had a go at someone for having a go for what ever reason for not understanding what defence was about. He considered it his job, not a definition of who he was, and i think this was because he felt he had nothing to prove.
              I asked him once why. He smiled and said "I defend their right to say that with my life, I have watched my friends die and be maimed so they can say those things."
              He would have loved to have lived in a world where everyone had the right to say whatever they wanted and not be attacked. He was happy that most people in this country didn't have to know what he knew, didn't have to see what he saw and most of all didn't have to do the things he had to do.

              I miss his forthright nature, his calm demeanor and most of all I say what I dam well like because that was what he had sacrificed so so much for.
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                Originally posted by Gryphen View Post
                It's like the people that say Morgs isn't fit to live with Pigs, and I defend him and say that he is.

                Morgs and I get along really well, we just don't agree a lot of the time, do we Morgs?

                So are you calling Fruitbat a pig? Strewth you are a brave man.

                When did we start disagreeing on everything. We seemed to be on the same page all the time when we worked together, now you have just turned into some anti-establishment hippy, wanting to spend all my hard earned tax dollars on poor people!

                We differ on a lot of things mate but that doesn't mean I don't respect your opinion.
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                  I actually agree with Gryphen to a degree. It was a derogatory comment and was intended as such. It certainly wasn't a question as has been suggested above. It did offend me - however, I figure most jokes offend someone (The ones that don't generally aren't funny to anyone.) So I wouldn't have commented.

                  You aren't wrong to be upset Gryph - Nor were you wrong to comment if you feel strongly enough to. Just remember when you do that there are way too many princesses on here sometimes.
                  "Look wise guy, I know I'm a racer, I can feel it in my code."