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Airports = shit

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    note the real time is 16:28hrs and the last entry is 15:00hrs.

    there is no gate information on the tickets, there were no staff at the information booths and all boarding announcements are in portuguese.

    you know how airports usually have flight information on a screen above the gate? no such luck.

    its not much to ask for, to have an up to date board with gate details in an airport so you can find your freaking flight. it never ceases to amaze (and piss me off) how few airports around the world seem to be able to maintain a flight information board.

    this was salvador international which has about a dozen gates spread out across a 10 minute walk. the only way i made this flight was kept walking around the airport in circles 30 minutes before the boarding time asking other passengers comprendez englaise por pavoir? and comparing my ticket to theirs. i found my flight with about 5 minutes to go.
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      Haha is Lusaka International still the same '30s era building with rusted sheds lying around?


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        Tashkent airport...
        Put luggage through as VIP, but you get the privalee of waiting until all of the other passengers have their luggage, and its all been sorted by hand....

        Don't remember the name, but one of the Moscow airports.
        Its away from the city, and the building is circular. The shops are garbage, the food is garbage, no lounges, security is amazingly strict and if its an internal flight, the planes are a little wonky...