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Happy Birthday DAISE!!!

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    >>>>> HB Daise !!! <<<<<


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      Daisy girl, hope you have a great one, work isn't too much of a hassle and all is well in your life.

      Happy Birthday, C.
      2006 Yamaha R1SP;
      In an interview with the New Scientist magazine marking his birthday, Stephen Hawking was asked what he thought about most during the day, and replied: "Women. They are a complete mystery."
      Amen, brother. Amen.
      My nemesis; Barfridge


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        Happy birthday girl
        10.81 BLADE

        I'm a flirtalicious


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          Happy Birthday Daise hope you have a fantastic day and get all the surprises you hope for


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            Happy Birthday!


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              THANKS EVERYONE!!

              Originally posted by Scoundrel View Post
              Happy birthday love

              Bring me back a Yorkie bar!
              But it's not for girls?

              Originally posted by foolishboy View Post
              Happy birthday Daise, now when you coming back to Perth?
              December after the wedding... but only for a couple of weeks. The money is great here at the moment, and we're saving like crazy. Mid next year we're looking at coming back permanently.

              Originally posted by millsy View Post
              I'll wait til tomorrow and wish you a happy un-birthday

              Happy Birthday Daise!
              Happy un-birthday to you!!

              Originally posted by Kellygirl View Post
              hey happy birthday ...hope the weathers good for you !!
              Beeyooooooooooooooootiful ten degrees. Sun's out though, and Ally Pally is shining on the horizon

              Already have been spoiled with diamonds (bracelet) and Gucci (perfume). And have a white and milk chocolate mousse cake to get through at lunch, with an Italian dinner next to the Thames tonight

              Just be thankful I'm not there to torture you all with another corny birthday party

              But in all seriousness I do miss youse all. Can't wait to see everyone again!
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              Originally posted by vk6hgr
              My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                Happy Birthday Daise!!!!

                Hope it was a good one for ya
                Increasing my carbon footprint - one 500 @ a time...


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                  HB Daise

                  I live in my own little world, but it's OK they know me here


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                    Happy Birthday Sweet!

                    all the very best.


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                      Happy birthday chickadee!!
                      Why be difficult?
                      Put some effort into it and be IMPOSSIBLE !


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                        HB Daise!

                        Hope you're having a good one

                        - Goof & I

                        Nath: "You're lucky you're cute!"


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                          hb hb!

                          i'll have to go to timezone to celebrate :o~


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                            (IM NOT LATE HONEST)

                            Happy Birthday Daise, I gots you a card, even easier for them to sign it for you being over there n all