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Wanted - Someone to install internal TPMS on new MUX

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  • Wanted - Someone to install internal TPMS on new MUX

    Tried to reply to the sponsor thread but it wouldn't let me - as above, if anyone can do this for me at a reasonable price hit me up

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    dwillia, mate have a look at this website. I purchased a set from Dave at the camping and caravan show about 4 years ago and it works flawlessly.

    Installation is a breeze, yes I have it in my MU-X and we got the one with 8 sensors (4 for use on the caravan). Saved us on our way to Shark Bay when we has a leak on one of the caravan tyres.

    SafetyDave has been going a long time, the are awesome to deal with and I highly recommend them. Apart from having to change the batteries in sensors they just work. Oh they come with enough batteries to last 3 to 4 years and even then they are just button batteries you can pay $10+ or - at Bunnings, Coles etc or do as I did and by in bulk off ebay for cheaper.




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      Cheers for that, I have external sensors for my camper but already bought ARB internal sensors for the MUX