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    Not a conspiracy theory second link is from skynews
    "Some people are like clouds. When they disappear it's a beautiful day"

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    Sky News is conspiracy theory land these days, full of nut jobs like Alan Jones.
    Murdoch business model is to create controversy & divisions within society as well as pushing his own political agenda.
    The USA is a good example of what happens when this really takes hold.


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      "Sky News" does not equal "not a conspiracy theory"....


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        It seems somehow fitting that chat on this forum's last hurrah will be right-wing conspiracy bullshit...


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          Skut, the last hurrah? Come on man.

          Being apolitical, here's my take. A bunch of advertising people got together in an english pub, decided to be on the right side of history and and promoted an idea of getting together like minded corporate people to think up ways of saving the planet. Because we morons are destroying it. Supposedly.

          They aligned with a strange German guy called Claus or Claws, something like that, who had started an organisation of rich people called the World Economic forum.

          The idea was to have a series of conferences (they have started) where the big brains would decide how to remove all the injustices in the world and make the planet great for all of us.

          AKA, Utopia. We've been down this path before. My all time favourite was Pol Pot, not for sheer numbers slaughtered but because the sewerage pumping stations failed within 2 weeks because he had killed off all the maintenance and controlling engineers. I guess for numbers, Mao maybe? Stalin? anyway, I digress.

          Yes, they really did an ad with happy little vegemites smiling to the message "You won't own anything and you'll be happy." There is no need to watch left or right freak media to get 'spin', just watch the wonderful and very polished presentations linked through the WEF website, above.

          Do your own research, no need to get political. It will be a wonderful world where everyone will be happy and everything you need will arrive at the doorstep of the house you've been allocated by drone and you'll live happily ever after.

          Now, I got in early and asked for a house in Margaritaville, and I'm looking forward to sunsets, limes and Herradura Anejo.

          The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe.