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Is your job killing you?????

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  • Is your job killing you?????

    I have had a lot of people telling me how their job is killing them. I guess main reason is being understaffed and having to compensate for that. I was wondering how all you guys feel about it?

    Are you doing a job of 2 or 3 people just because there is no one to do it?
    Are you finding that you spending less time with your family?
    What are the reasons for you being over worked and is it something that has happen recently?
    What industry are you in? Don’t need to name the company
    If you are overworked is it purely because of labour crisis or are there other reasons?

    What I was trying to find out is…..What price we are paying in this booming economy?

    I have heard of guys who have had heart attacks at work and families breaking up due to the pressures of work?

    I have had a job where I nearly lost my marbles and I know of one employee who has been sent of leave because he was about to end up a mental hospital.

    I have changed jobs and fairly happy where I am. You can use this thread a bit a rant.

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    Im in the motor industry, been doing it for bout 5 years now and It might be far less hours than some but IMO 60 hours a week with NO RDOs is too fucking much.

    The stress of this job is not with doing others jobs but the hours plus the abuse you get from the general public on a daily basis.

    Yeah the money is good but when you start sacrificing your life for coin, where do you draw the line?

    When are we going to get with the times and take a look at what eastern states are doing with extended trading hours and regular days off. Ive had enough of this fucking backwards nanny state who there are still people stuck in the 1800's who complain about daylight saving and extended shopping hours as well as people believing that days off don't make people happier. BULLSHIT. /rant lol phew... feels better.

    Edit: Im sure Kwakas can back me up on this?..
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      I guess I'm lucky. There's around 11 people doing the job of one person where I'm at. Gotta love large global firms with an organisational structure that doesn't fit the workload.


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        In my experience the lack of skilled and willing labour is causing most of the problems for employers and the rest of the work force that actually take pride in their work. Too many pricks out there at the moment feel it is their god given right to demand rediculous $$$ and conditions based purely on the lack of other prospective employees. For the most part, they have alot of companies over a barrel. It's the willing employees and those that keep their mouths shut that ultimately pay the price.

        As an employer, I treat all staff with the respect id expect from my boss. If some one wants a day off for any reason, most of the time I'll say yes. Finish a job early, go home early. It keeps most of them happy and they truely appreciate it. There is one arsehole however that feels its ok to take take take and is willing to give nothing back. His attitude is that we owe him something and he simply couldnt give a rats arse about anyone but himself. So much for a team effort. Having someone on staff with that attitude and work ethic impacts on his peers in that they're often left to pickup the peices which ultimately means more work for everyone else. Without this individual we'd be worse off still. It's the same situation with alot of people I speak to. A few bad eggs and the whole omlettes ruined.

        The current climate wont last for ever but we do have quite a number of years ahead before things start to settle down. Staff movement has already slowed in some industries as employers stop taking it up the arse from staff who are truely kidding themselves. Not much, but its starting to head back in the right direction.
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        Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
        If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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          Haha after working nightshifts for a few years, then doing construction for a while, i love my new job! Getting paid to basicly go to school is awesome!

          Though I will admit, the pay isn't great just yet... oh well the booze is cheap...


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            Yep I'm working much harder now than a couple of years ago. The flip side of that though is that I've been given opportunities here that I wouldn't have gotten had I stayed over east.

            The current workforce shortages result in people with less experience but with enough initiative and the right attitude to be given a chance to prove themselves. If you're prepared to work and put the effort in you can progress your career much faster in this climate than anywhere else.

            That being said though I'm a big believer in work/life balance so I set limits on how much I'm willing to work. I also try to make sure my employees maintain a similar balance.


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              In one year I gained 45hours of time off in lieu.. do you think I can find the time to take it ? I can't cash it in either. That's a week of overtime un paid... I managed to get it down to 16 hours now during Christmas, but it's going to start building up again.. *groan*


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                All those questions above used to be my problem, did literally 400 hours unpaid overtime in one year.. so BOOHOO to your 45.

                So anyway quit that shithole, got another job, 30k pay rise, better structure, full team, flexitime, forced holidays, reimburse training costs... and no stress, don't take work home with me.

                So basically if your job sucks, go get another one... I turned down 7 official offers before this one, and bailed after first round interviews on many others.

                Its an employee's dream at the moment. Best time to look around.


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                  where do you work and what do you do ?


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                    Was a sole IT admin/manager for an accounting firm, 1 CBD location 2 Rural, no budget, no external support, but all the expectations in the world.

                    Now im a "Technical Specialist" for a software development company.


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                      Loving my work atm! After 18 years taking orders from someone else I thought enough is enough! I have decided as a sparky to help out with the trade shortage and go out on my own.

                      I am currently sitting my contractors licence which will allow me to do this so in about 3 weeks will be up and running.

                      Fitting (fault finding/repair/maintenance) is my forte but can do almost anything. I have great plans for the future and look forward to the challenges. Will post when I'm fully up and running, offering my services as such. Will hopefully be looking for help (TA/apprentice) in the near future if everything goes to plan...


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                        Job killing me? No.
                        People i sometimes have to deal with are 'killing' me!
                        I work in IT.
                        Stress? I put myself under pressure all the time. Why? I like action. Do not like wasting my time at work and generally in life.
                        How does this affect me? I do my 40h a week, no overtime so all good.
                        My neck is a bit sore from stress and nature of my job.
                        Sometimes i bring my anger from dealing with 'uneducated' people at work and apply it at home.
                        Riding a bike gets rid of the stress in my case.
                        Generally i am pretty happy with my job.

                        P.s. what i do hate is...Tier1 refreshes (Yes Ian )
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                          For those doing 40+ Hrs a week... check out the Govt Policy, as those doing above 38hrs a week, and not covered by an Award that allows it, anything above 38hrs must be paid as overtime...

                          Was an article in one of last weeks papers (mon or tues) detailing how it might affect Mining FIFO workers.
                          Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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                            Alot of people still under AWA or EBAs. 38hr week would likely not apply to them.

                            In reality, enforcing a 38 hour week and ensuring overtime is paid is near on impossible.
                            In complete darkness we are all the same. It is only our knowledge and wisdom that seperate us. Dont let your eyes deceive you.
                            Its the little things that make the difference
                            Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
                            If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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                              But with the scrapping on the AWA's it is closer and for any new employment is obviously a consideration for both employee and employer..
                              Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....