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Do you TRUELY love your partner?

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  • Do you TRUELY love your partner?

    R.I.P. To those we have lost before and the many others that will follow...

    [ame=""]YouTube - True love[/ame]


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    Engine brake?


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      For so many obvious reasons: Fake.


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        Poor guy didn't even know how to down shift


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          Uh, slow the fuck down before you die?

          Just a thought.


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            I would have geared down. Thats just me though.


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              well thats 2:46 of my life i'll never get back!

              why the fuck was she on a bike with no helmet? why was the rider wearing it and her not? why the fuck didn't he down shift and use the rear? like the fucking whole lot was fucked?

              that was as usefull as a hessian bag full of arseholes to nuns.

              thread fails


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                Whoever made that video should be shot.


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                  Well anyone with a brain would have shut the engine off, downshifted etc. etc. etc.
                  But my question was, DO YOU TRUELY LOVE YOUR PARTNER? (ie; would you die for them?)

                  My better half is soon sitting the 'R' class assessment and
                  as much as I believe in her, the reality is, one or both of
                  us could be killed while riding or just doing our daily jobs.
                  (That's if it's not cancer, heart attack, crossing the street etc.)

                  I suppose most of you are single so just forget I asked...
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                    I became single tonight, so I'm a bit bitter about this sort of stuff tonight

                    But I see where you are coming from...


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                      Originally posted by Team_750Z View Post
                      why the fuck was she on a bike with no helmet? why was the rider wearing it and her not?
                      He loved her SOOO much that he ... oh wait ... you're right! something is afoot! I demand this accident be investigated further!

                      These are just newage hallmark cards, they're not meant to represent real life... they're just meant to make girls people go 'awwwww' and wish they had a similar love in their life. We all know that in reality the sheila would have been cursing him from her wheelchair and ranting about how she 'told him to slow down!'... not making sentimental videos about what a hero he was...

                      I've wondered though, do people make these kinds of things (Videos, emails, pics etc) specifically to see how far and wide they spread? Is that the purpose behind it?

                      Cyclone: I can't see how 'Truely loving someone' comes into this? (ie. Life and Death) Are you saying that (heaven forbid) something was to happen to your other half that you wouldn't be able to move on? You can't see yourself loving someone else? or is it just a realisation that you love this person 'alot' and that you simply hate the thought of something bad happening to them? If its the latter than surely that should come up long before 'True Love' sets in? I mean I have mates I certainly don't want to end up dead anytime soon... (but its got nothing to do with love)

                      Is it true love to jump in front of a bus to save your partner?? I don't know if thats the case ... look at the 'Would you Resuscitate' thread, most people would risk a lifetime of infection, disease, litigation, etc to save a complete stranger ...

                      (its late... I ramble... I sorry)
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                      Originally posted by JuanGabrielle
                      I snuffle some commanders, I boomerang and disport, I go to the despite. Susie Isaacs has a large collection of cheesier amoebas.


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                        mate i'm engaged. and i would move mountains for my fiance, regardless of cost (not only financial) i would do anything for her. she is my world. it's not questionable. that video was just utter shit. it's like those emails where if you don't send it on 20 ethiopian kids will have their hearts pulled out of their arsehole, with some heartfelt shit.

                        i wouldn't have asked her hand in marriage if she wasn't in every fibre of my being.


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                          In a life or death situation I would put my life first so my wife survives in a heart beat.

                          That vid was just a bad example.


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                            Originally posted by TREPIDATION1000 View Post
                            In a life or death situation I would put my life first so my wife survives in a heart beat.
                            That vid was just a bad example.
                            Point taken, it just got me thinking...


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                              I'm in the enviable position of not having to give two shits about anyone but myself :awesome:
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