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-~={happy Humpday 4/06}=~-

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  • -~={happy Humpday 4/06}=~-

    sup kids? hows your short week going? mines going slowwwwwwwwwwww.

    did you all have a nice weekend? do anything interesting? tell me what is next on your list of 'things to buy off ebay/things i want, which i will purchase shortly'.

    mine is new rear suspension for my hilux to lift it 2" higher

    i hope everyone is enjoying this weather.


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    I'm waiting for a phone call telling me I have a new job, and my latest eBay purchase to arrive in the mail.

    Happy Wednesday all.


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      i'd also like to introduce everyone to my latest social group.. i wish subway would tessellate my cheese.

      Perth Street Bikes - i wish subway would tessellate my cheese

      if you agree with unnecessary dairy overlap being annoying, stand up for what's right. join today.


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        i re-injured my back on thw weekend leavingme in bed for the last 2 days.... and am pretty sore today so the week is dragging on a bit......

        next ebay/online purchase will be new handlebars and probably a PCIII


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          im flying home today, ready for my R class test tomorrow.

          And also picking up some motard rims for my dirtbike and bigger front brakes for it too!!!

          this break may be awesomeness.
          As a general rule, the better it felt when you said it, the more trouble it's going to get you into.

          'Soul' - Italian word for unreliability.

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            I'll let you guys know how the weekend parties went in about half an hour, when my boss isn't breathing down my neck.

            I have the pleasure of traveling all the way to Perth to meet with the Department of Public Prosecutions, which sounds so cheerful, tomorrow.
            This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (your personal circumstances). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase a product you should consider how appropriate it is in regard to your personal circumstances.


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              im grumpy.

              my neck still hurts - thanks for the painkillers btw

              i fell asleep when i was supposed to go somewhere last night.

              i havent eaten yet and took a bunch of pills on an empty stomach and have had that im gonna spew feeling all morning.

              i got underpaid.

              i need hugs, anyone?


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                *raises hand*


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                  Originally posted by lee View Post
                  i wish subway would tessellate my cheese.
                  Go to the Subway near Curtin Uni, the one on manning road.
                  The Azn bitch there TESSELLATES UR CHEEZES.

                  ooOOoo, Teej is the Metatron!


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                    Originally posted by Teej View Post
                    I'm waiting for a phone call telling me I have a new job, and my latest eBay purchase to arrive in the mail.

                    Happy Wednesday all.
                    what are you ordering? are you sure the job is in the bag or are you just being positive? good luck..


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                      I'm just being positive, trying not to get my hopes up.... most everyone else is far more positive about it than I am

                      I ordered a video game... cos I'm a nerd.


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                        Most excellent weekend.. Trakdayz..........weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeee

                        Bit Grumpy at myself today... didn't want to come to work then gate wouldn't open when I got here... a sign maybe I should just turn around and go home... but eventually got into the office..

                        New purchases of tyres, chain and sprockets going on the bike on Friday. yippee.... no more dodgy tyre feeling for the weekend

                        Internet purchased lined up but must pay off new purchases first

                        Does anyone else want to throw up when they smell the bread baking at subway... I like subway and I like the smell of normal bread baking but the bread cooking at subway just makes me wanna hurl


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                          Good weekend.

                          Working Monday wasn't so much fun, meh.

                          St00pid cockholsters in our elite hired network team have switched their proxy servers to some new contraption. Said contraption is causing conniptions with my webmail because it's killing sessions and changing NATted IP address under me every request I send out.

                          Result - have to log in 14 times to see my horde webmail page. Cnuts.
                          "Once upon a time we would obey in public, but in private we would be cynical; today, we announce cynicism, but in private we obey."


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                            Pfft this week has sucked balls so far.

                            Crazy man with reporters and shit slamming my store yesterday when I had no way of getting there.

                            Having no car Only bike but I'm too lazy to drag it's sorry ass from around the side of the house and go for a ride.

                            Almost having to get an ambulance last night due to heart pain, palpatations, dizziness and nausea (had symptoms since I was little but last night was awful) and feeling horribly lethargic and exhausted after that (probably should have got an ambo but it was like 10:30 and didn't want to inconvienence anyone).

                            My mum bailing on me today because she really can't bothered to come and see me

                            So fingers crossed my week gets better
                            In the cherry blossom's shade
                            There's no such thing
                            as a stranger.


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                              group hug for KJ and LuLu??? :awesome: